Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game

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Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/06/12 06:16 PM

Nevermind is an interesting new game in development for those looking for something different and have a taste for horror.

The game is a biofeedback game and you will need to use a Garmin Heartrate monitor to play.

Check out the official game website here.

You can view the video here.

You can help in funding via Indiegogo here.

Nevermind Summary

Nevermind is a game about challenging the player to go outside of his comfort zone. Players are asked to either bravely face the fear and stress of an unknown ever-changing space (and thus be rewarded with progress) or to balk and retreat, turning their back on not only the source of fear, but their character, other in-game characters, or –more importantly- themselves. While many games already employ this technique to a certain extent, Nevermind’s use of biofeedback technology isolates the problem of fear and stress into a concrete, measurable entity that can be identified and addressed on a very direct and personal level. The high entertainment value of the game will compel players to push further to find out “what happens next” - and, in turn, the demand to venture into the terrifying and return unscathed (both in and out of the game) encourages players to push beyond boundaries of fear in their own lives.

A truly unique and engaging approach to the horror genre, Nevermind is more than just a game – it’s an ongoing challenge to become stronger and braver than you ever thought you could be.

Narrative Overview

A PC-based psychological horror game, Nevermind’s world exists primarily within the heads of trauma victims who do not remember or cannot process the traumatic event that forever changed their lives. It is the player’s goal to explore deep inside the dark, twisted minds of these patients to discover and identify the origin of the forgotten trauma so that the victim may be able to reconcile their past and begin their path to healing.

The player begins as a new agent at the Neurostalgia Institute – a psychiatric clinic that uses uses advanced neuroprobing technology to reveal the dark shadows locked away in the mind. In other words, they send the consciousness of agents inside patients’ minds where they can physically explore visual manifestations of the subconscious.

Your first assignment is to treat one of these trauma patients. After a brief questionnaire to verify your identity and calibrate the system; the agency wastes little time in getting you started.

Though highly controversial, neuroprobing is a fascinating endeavor and a real treat for those interested in healing the mind (something right up the character’s alley). However, as Nietzsche famously warns, “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”

The terror of these landscapes must not drag the player down into their own Hell. The mind is fragile and it can easily break. As such, if the horrors of the patient’s mind entangles the player too deeply, the overseeing clinicians will pull the player out of the most dangerous areas of the mind and delay the mission until he is ready to return to the chaos.

How calm do you think you'd be? eek

Happy Gaming!

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Re: Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/06/12 06:36 PM

Did I miss it at the homepage where it states how to get the Garmin heart rate sensor?

Thanks Ana.
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Re: Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/06/12 06:44 PM

They are actually very common at the gym. You can buy them anywhere. I have a Polar one, but not sure if that will work.

Amazon or any sporting good stores sell them. They are varying prices but you can purchase as low as 30 dollars.

Thanks for the question, I will add to my post. hearts

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Re: Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/06/12 07:25 PM

I have one.
What I mean is the stated description of the machine with the game.
So to take advantage of that feature, you have to own a machine.
I wonder how that plugs to the game though.
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Re: Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/06/12 07:36 PM

Ahh...I gotcha. I wrote them before I posted so when I hear back from them, I will post more.

I love the concept and I know I am a fraidy cat even though I will gladly play the game. I would love to know what exactly my reaction is and how it can be controlled.

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Re: Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/06/12 07:53 PM

An unusual concept. It'll be fun to see how it works. wave
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Re: Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/06/12 09:00 PM

The idea reminds me of Wild Divine, only Wild Divine was about relaxing, not calming down when you're scared.
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Re: Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/07/12 12:42 PM

I updated the original post.

Also, the game uses a USB bluetooth receiver to transmit from the heart rate monitor.

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Re: Nevermind - A Psychological Horror Puzzle Game - 09/08/12 03:40 AM

eek I don't know about this one! eek