braken tor

Posted by: dianne

braken tor - 09/19/12 12:19 AM

i talked to maybe it was dave at interact today really nice person i cancelled my pre order on braken tor i must of had that order for eons.ihad to laugh because i dont think neither one of us remembered what year i had ordered it.anyway if it ever shows up and you can order it iam on it. hope its on disk. dianne lol
Posted by: GreyFuss

Re: braken tor - 09/19/12 12:22 AM

I had pre-ordered Bracken Tor the first day Interact had it listed. Still have the print out and the date was.....10/19/10 I believe is was scheduled for a Halloween 2010 release the first time.
Posted by: oldbroad

Re: braken tor - 09/19/12 10:28 PM

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.
Posted by: Argyle1968

Re: braken tor - 09/26/12 11:55 AM

I wonder if this game is officially dead at this point. The website is still up, but maybe that is an inside joke....
Posted by: jfcwilson

Re: braken tor - 09/26/12 01:05 PM

I doubt it. I think at this point it's only a matter of a tiny bit more patience and then it'll be out. Be strong!
Posted by: Carla

Re: braken tor - 09/26/12 01:55 PM

I'll second jfcwilson, I'm sure we will see it soon smile
Posted by: mj2c

Re: braken tor - 09/26/12 02:42 PM

Soon as in this year? You have some hush-hush information you are keeping hush-hush about? :-)
Posted by: Argyle1968

Re: braken tor - 09/26/12 04:51 PM

Patient is one thing, but it's now two years since it was to be released. Last we heard there were issues with publishing or distribution related to language or translation problems, I thought. Maybe that isn't right. At any rate, it didn't seem to be a major roadblock, but now, months later, there's absolutely no news at all. That doesn't seem promising.

If Matt needed a donation a la "kickstarter" or something similar to push it through to completion and get it out and distributed, this is a game I would invest some coin in, because 1) it looks almost done, 2) it looks like a great game. I just wish we'd get some news...anything....
Posted by: Jarkeld

Re: braken tor - 09/26/12 06:56 PM

That is the worst part: no info whatsoever.
Posted by: Carla

Re: braken tor - 09/27/12 05:32 PM

Hopefully we will see the game end of 2012 or Q1 2013 wink
Posted by: Mad

Re: braken tor - 09/27/12 09:33 PM

Good to hear more positive news again. Thanks, Carla thumbsup
Posted by: jfcwilson

Re: braken tor - 09/28/12 11:08 AM

I emailed Matt and this is what he had to say:

"Bracken Tor: The Time and Tooth and Claw should be released towards the end of this year Or the start of next. Bracken Tor: The Dark Path (Not yet announced) will follow likely late in 2013, and will be a bridge towards Wychwood. Bracken Tor: The Dark Path’s storyline runs concurrent with Tooth and Claw, taking gamers to a range of new locations and features a big return of Radio DJ Emma Harry, along with other characters.

The game has grown, and developed to feel more in keeping with the Original Barrow Hill, a 4 direction node based game, crammed with puzzles and filled to the brim with an English folk horror mystery vibe.

The game world is huge, taking in a range of locations in the time settings of modern day and the ancient past, featuring recreations of ancient monuments here in Cornwall and capturing the desolate and now abandoned expanse of the Cornish moorland. With a return to a corner of the game world from Barrow Hill and an advance journey inside the village of Wychwood, locations should really please gamers both old and new.


Thanks matt for the news!
Posted by: Becky

Re: braken tor - 09/28/12 03:46 PM

That's great! Thanks jfcwilson. wave
Posted by: Jarkeld

Re: braken tor - 09/28/12 04:14 PM

Nice to know that there will be another game between Bracken Tor and Wychwood. Hope rekindled.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: braken tor - 09/29/12 02:01 PM

I'm glad to hear they're still working on Bracken Tor and hope the developers are able to stick to this schedule.

Now if only we'd hear some good news about Coven.
Posted by: Argyle1968

Re: braken tor - 09/30/12 07:10 AM

Interesting. An ambitious plan, considering Tooth & Claw was supposed to be out two years ago. I hope it all materializes and isn't just vaporware.

Thanks for passing along the news from Matt.
Posted by: dianne

Re: braken tor - 10/02/12 02:01 PM

oh no i just cancelled it at interact i must of had that one on pre order for at least 2 years oh i forgot interact is closing right,i wonder how iam gonna re order it now, guess have to send for it half way across the will be worth it right dianne grin
Posted by: CountZero

Re: braken tor - 04/29/13 11:38 AM

Whatever happened to this game?
Posted by: mj2c

Re: braken tor - 04/29/13 11:44 AM

I'm pretty sure it will be released within the next three to four years:-)
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: braken tor - 04/29/13 11:47 AM

It's coming..when the developer or publisher releases an update we will be sure to post it.
Posted by: gamenut

Re: braken tor - 04/29/13 11:55 AM

Have been SO looking forward to more of his games!
Posted by: gruffy

Re: braken tor - 04/29/13 12:10 PM

I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas !
Posted by: Argyle1968

Re: braken tor - 04/30/13 03:23 PM

Originally Posted By: gruffy
I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas !

If you're like a kid on Christmas waiting for this game, I can only empathize with what your poor parents have been going through for the past three or four years...

The delay on this is past surreal now.

Posted by: CountZero

Re: braken tor - 05/01/13 08:25 PM

It makes you wonder why these studios are already advertising new games when they havent even released their previous games yet...
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: braken tor - 05/01/13 09:20 PM

THere are many reasons for delays, a lot of them are beyond their controls. When the games are ready, they will be released.
Posted by: Laurette

Barrow Hill sequel - 05/06/13 12:36 PM

I'm sure this topic has already been brought up, but... Is this sequel (forgot name) dead?

Posted by: jfcwilson

Re: Barrow Hill sequel - 05/06/13 12:42 PM

Hey Laurette,

Bracken Tor: Time of tooth and claw has been delayed considerably, along with a third and fourth installment in the series, but there's no reason at this time to think that it will never be released. The developer is still working on these games.

Posted by: Laurette

Re: Barrow Hill sequel - 05/06/13 01:10 PM

Thank you, James.
Posted by: CountZero

Re: braken tor - 08/13/13 01:15 AM

Is this game still coming out?
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: braken tor - 08/13/13 09:32 AM

Sorry, no new news, but I hopeful.

Ana wave