Chaos on Deponia:new teaser and new homepage

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Chaos on Deponia:new teaser and new homepage - 09/19/12 05:17 PM

Daedalic presented the homepage of the Deponia-trilogy in a new design, a month before the German release of the second part Chaos on Deponia:updated information and pictures are now at
To celebrate the new look, a teaser trailer have been just released HERE.

The teaser shows, Deponia's hero Rufus still knows how to effectively maneuver himself into the absurdest of situations, providing players with barrels of laughter.

Additionally the homepage provides character details, extracts from the original soundtrack, wallpapers and more recent information regarding Chaos on Deponia.

The award-winning hit Deponia has been critically acclaimed by the gaming press and within a short time became the best-reviewed adventure of all time in Germany. Rufus, the main character, is as lovely as his home Deponia. Odd and cantankerous, he lives in the most remote part of the worldwide junkyard and works on his plans to escape to the hovering city of Elysium. After countless failed attempts, he succeeds – nearly at least. As a result, he falls from the sky and lands back in his hometown together with the mysterious girl Goal.

For Rufus, she is mainly a good reason to escape once again and so he begins to plan her way back. Obviously, Rufus’ bad luck seems to be infectious and, in the sequel Chaos on Deponia, both end at the point where it all began. Before they can start another attempt to escape, Goal’s consciousness needs to be restored. On top of all that, they have to save Deponia from threatening chaos.

and more about the new layout:

On the newly designed homepage, Daedalic provides fans with exciting impressions from Chaos on Deponia. Not only is there a presentation of the characters but also downloadable up-to-date screenshots and new wallpapers. Fans of Daedalic-Soundtracks can look forward to three brand-new pieces from Chaos on Deponia. And again, there will be a chance to discuss the game with the developers.

Just recently Daedalic also released a Demolition Video , showing how they are doing research work for the Deponia-Trilogy.

Chaos on Deponia will be available on November 6th, 2012 on steam for PC and Mac.
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Thanks Carla!

Ana wave
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lol It looks like Rufus is up to some new/crazy tricks.

Thanks for the link to the Demolition video. I like The Mexican dude -- nice cap. By far the scariest person is Schlogger -- is she maybe a demolition Olympian?
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Thanks mucho, Carla !! happydance
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Thanks Carla! wave
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Thanks for the info, Carla. thumbsup

I haven't even finished the first game yet, and already there's news about a sequel. lol Add another one to the list. happydance