Thanks, everyone!!

Posted by: aserID

Thanks, everyone!! - 09/26/12 01:02 AM

Hi, everybody!! Thanks for your kind remarks in welcoming me as a GameBoomer!

You know, shortly after joining GB I was told at a video store that games were being downloaded now and would no longer be available in a box. This was certainly news to me!

I guess I missed something somewhere. I played games for a short while some time back, but I later had to stop. Then, just as I was able to play again, I stumbled across GB on the internet and decided that this is where I wanted to begin. You can imagine my disappointment at the video store. I have no idea how games are downloaded and the guy there didn't have the time to explain.

I know all of this sounds crazy to you experienced gamers. But, I'm not giving up!! I refuse to give up all of the thrill and excitement that comes with gaming. I just have to figure out, hopefully with your help, how to get back on a roll!!

Thanks for listening, everybody!!

Posted by: Homer6

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 09/26/12 02:07 AM

aser games are still available in boxes or jewel cases at several stores. There may not be as many available as there once was, but they're still there.

As to downloading games, or anything else, you go to a web site that is game specific or a place like Amazon. Game specific sites would be The Adventure Shop, accessed by clicking on the icon at the top of the page, or Big Fish Games, accessed the same way, or several other sites I don't have the web address for.

When you get to the site, you usually have to register before you can buy something. Not always, but most times. Each of those sites is basically set up the same, giving you the option of choosing the genre of your interest. When you find a game of interest, clicking on the title takes you to another window where a synopsis of the game is given. You can also buy the game at this time by clicking on the buy button.

After clicking on the buy button you're taken to the payment option screen to choose how to pay. Most I've seen accept Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal, and I think there's a few others.

After payment is taken care of you then can download the game by pressing the download button. I don't know how others do it, but I save my downloads and then install the game after getting off-line. The downloads can be saved to whatever location on your hard drive you choose, you just have to remember where.

Something to keep in mind. Some of the games you buy can take some time to download, so if you have dial-up or a slower speed DSL it's going to take a lot more time than with a faster connection.

I hoped this has helped a bit. After awhile it will be like old hat.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 09/26/12 09:05 AM

I like my boxed games and will wait for one if necessary. Downloads are cheaper for the distributors and I certainly use them when necessary. GOG (good old games) is another great resource for downloaded games. I love this place because they have removed all the DRM from games.
Posted by: venus

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 09/26/12 10:47 AM

welcome to Gameboomers, aserID! I missed your original thread. smile

I'm with Draclvr on waiting for boxed copies whenever possible. You do have to be careful now, though, as some boxed copies only have limited activations. Meaning you can only install your game and activate it three times. After that, you won't be able to play it anymore. In instances like these, I prefer download copies because at least then you can ask for more activations if you need them. The only downside is that if the company one day goes out of business, you still won't be able to play your game if you need another activation.

I also strongly recommend GOG. Buying from them is just as good, if not better in some instances, than getting a boxed copy, since you don't have to worry about DRM.
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Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 09/26/12 10:52 AM

Since this thread is turning more into gaming talk, I moved you to Discussions aser.

Ana wave
Posted by: aserID

Aser, grateful boomer! - 09/27/12 01:52 AM

Homer6 - Thanks for being so helpful; you make it sound so simple! I think I'm gonna make it!! urock

Draclvr - I'm keeping the GOG source in mind -- thanks! Can't wait to get there!! tomato

and Venus - The information you provided will be extremely helpful to me in the future --info that I probably would not have learned right away! Thank you so much!! rah
Posted by: Homer6

Re: Aser, grateful boomer! - 09/27/12 11:45 PM

aser, it wasn't so simple when I was in your shoes. Everyones been there, they had to be when they first started using the web. They were uncertain what sites to visit. Uncertain how to do this or that, and uncertain how to recover from unintended mistakes.

But with time, and use, it does get easier. You learn where to look on a site for the downloads, the reviews, how to make a purchase, and where to find help.

You even learn more about your computer because you have to decide how/where you want to store your downloads, how to install the software, and which file structure works best for you.

I make it sound easy only because I've practiced many times. I've made mistakes along the way, didn't get something installed correctly, and lost more hairs than I can remember. Just have confidence in yourself that you can do it and will enjoy yourself in the process.
Posted by: monbron

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 09/28/12 06:49 AM

aser I have made so many mistakes downloading games but I just pose my problem on GB and there is always someone wise who puts me straight and voila I am off and running - Thank you everybody at Gameboomers urock
Posted by: aserID

Still learning! - 09/29/12 12:48 AM

Monbron- hardwallYou're not alone -- I'm already making
mistakes! It's good to know, though,
that we can seek help whenever we need

Homer 6- laugh Thanks, alot, for being so helpful! Talk
about mistakes! I'm encountering prob-
lems returning to a site that I just
visited!! But, I'm hanging in there!
Thanks, again, Homer6.

Posted by: LeBelleRachael

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 09/30/12 04:03 PM

Well as we all know, Buying hard copies of games from local stores is all but gone(although I did see "Gray Matter" offered at Wal Mat for 20 bucks!) insane

You can still get them from Ebay or Amazon etc. and this works well! (Just bought "Immortals of Terra" on Ebay for $1.45 plus shipping!!!!) penguin

But Downloading seems to be the future. As we all know in the world of computers there is contant change! These are my favorite sites to download from, The prices are good, they always run specials, and they are usually in a more up to date format and seem to run better on more contempory systems. Some of my older discs wont run on my newer setup (3+ years old). Happy Gaming Sweetie! welcome

The adventureshop link on top of forum
Posted by: aserID

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 10/01/12 07:53 PM

LeBelle- You're right, buying hard copies
is becoming a thing of the past!

I appreciate the info on purchasing
games, especially the sites on down-
loading them! I'll be visiting there

Thanks, LeBelle,and happy gaming to
you, too!!


Posted by: LeBelleRachael

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 10/04/12 11:56 PM

You are welcome Dear! monky

Also Steam

is a good is very big and they do run some good specials!!!


R penguin
Posted by: aserID

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 10/05/12 01:48 AM

Another great site!!

Thanks, LeBelle! wave
Posted by: Pokey

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 10/05/12 02:33 AM

Aser, is a great site. I suggest that you try downloading from them first. The site is very helpful and should make it easier to figure out. They have some free games you could try for your first download. I recommend Beneath a Steel Sky but there are some others as well. Many of them are a quite small download.
Posted by: aserID

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 10/10/12 08:55 PM

Pokey- I just read your
post today -- thanks
for the great sugges-
tions! wave

You've made my day!! tomato

Posted by: Chief

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 10/11/12 11:04 AM

and talking of free games, you could visit the Free Games Galore section that you can also link to on top of the page.

Many good games in there.

Have fun.

Chief wave
Posted by: aserID

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 10/16/12 12:30 AM

Chief, I would have missed this site
were it not for you!!

Thank you, Chief!! blush happydance

Posted by: LeBelleRachael

Re: Thanks, everyone!! - 11/10/12 12:14 PM

Here is another site our boomer friends reccomend...looks good! woot