Serial numbers grrrrrr!

Posted by: oldman

Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/14/12 02:48 AM

I just finished installing Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle and when I went to play it the game required that I input the serial number. Now the serial number on the box was an 18 digit combination of letters and numbers. The first two letters were QZ and with this font it is easy to recognize. But on the font they used on the box I couldn't tell if it was 02 or 0Z or the letter O and the letter Z or the letter O and the number 2. Their "Q" certainly didn't look like a Q. After many times of the game not accepting my input and using a magnifying glass, I finally got the game to activate.

My point is that when they have these various codes that require you to verify that you are who you say you are they should make them a little easier to read.

Also I hate it when various sites require to input some code to prove you are a real person and it's sometimes impossible to read. mad crazy

Anyway that's my rant for the day.
Posted by: traveler

Re: Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/14/12 04:53 AM

I have that problem with O and 0. I almost always end up having to try it both ways. One or the other is bound to be right!

I ran across a foreign site the other day that had a great way of verifying you're a real person. They just asked you to add two numbers, small ones, and put in the total. Even I can add 2 and 2. grin

My sympathy, oldman.

Posted by: mj2c

Re: Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/14/12 07:22 AM

I remember when I first got into computers in the 80's the zeros had a line though them to differentiate between them and the O. Not sure when that stopped happening.
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Re: Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/14/12 07:48 AM

Oldman, I sure feel the same as you do! I got a gift card from Amazon and I used a penny to wipe off the silver stuff that also took off some of the letters. after several emails to amazon (which they were never a help with it) my hubby took a magnifying glass and got most of the letters and it was just a guess, but, it finally went through. And, yesterday I was trying to apply for a job. I had everything filled out, and then to prove that I was a person, I had to put in a two word security code. well, I tried that 7 times and it never was right. then I tried to do the audio and that sounded like someone talking underwater at about one letter every 10 seconds. course, I had to fill in all the blanks each time that it didn't go through, and after 7 times I decided it wasn't that important to get that job. arghhh is right. I feel that if they want a security code put it, at least put it where one can read the letters.
Posted by: Kolby

Re: Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/14/12 09:51 AM

I'm also playing Captain Morgane now.

My code was easier to read, but with all the codes on new games, I think it's easier to download a game. Then you only need to copy and paste the code. That's probably the game publishers plan; make it so difficult to install a disc game, that you will be "forced" to download it frown

It reminds me of playing adventure games on Amiga, where you sometimes had difficult copy protections/codes. Some games had a code wheel (LucasArts?), and on some games you had to type a word from the manual or a code card.

If it gets more difficult than it already is, we would probably need a walkthrough just to start the game lol
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Re: Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/14/12 10:09 AM

Originally Posted By: oldman
My point is that when they have these various codes that require you to verify that you are who you say you are they should make them a little easier to read.

I agree that the codes should be clear and legible -- and since games with serial codes seem to require online activation anyway these days, I'm not sure what the point of having to type in a code actually is.

Big Fish seems to manage the online activation part without the gamer having to type in a code, so why don't the other companies that sell online games?
Posted by: SuMac

Re: Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/14/12 11:59 AM

I had the same problem trying to activate a gift card from iTunes. The capital B,s looked like 8's and the capital J looked just like the number 3. It took me about 6 tries to get it to go through.
Posted by: LeBelleRachael

Re: Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/15/12 12:55 AM

I hear ya babe! mad I always have had trouble with that! It usually takes me 40 or 50 times b4 I can get it right!!!....GRRRRRRR! redface
Posted by: Coreoverload

Re: Serial numbers grrrrrr! - 10/15/12 05:11 PM

yeah, I agree with you on the Captchas. Sure spammers' programs can't read them, but now no person can either. My vision isn't that bad, and yet I can't tell you how many times I've had to reset or try again. It's almost like an annoying boss stage in a game.