Downloading inquiries

Posted by: aserID

Downloading inquiries - 10/16/12 01:42 AM

Hi, everyone! wave

I'll be downloading games in the

1. Is it possible to determine
how long a game will take to

2. How can I be certain the
game will be virus-free?

I'm still new at this, gang, so
please be patient?

Thanks, everybody! thanks rah

Posted by: PolloDiablo

Re: Downloading inquiries - 10/16/12 02:38 AM

1. Most sites will give an estimated download time (i.e. if you're on a phone line, it will take x, if you're on broadband, it will take y etc) and most browsers will open a download window which shows a timer with the estimated remaining time that slowly counts down.
just as an example, has this for each game:
download size: {number indicating file size} {clock thingy}. If you move your mouse over the clock thingy, it will show a slider saying 1Mbit. If you know how fast your connection is, you can drag the slider to the right and it will tell you how long it would take to download the file.

2. As long as you download from legitimate sites such as the ones in the header above this forum or as suggested by other members, the games are virus-free as guaranteed by those sites. If you don't trust a site, ask here to make sure wink there are lots of people here who have been downloading for years and know exactly where it's safe.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Downloading inquiries - 10/16/12 11:24 AM

Ditto on what Pollo said.

Ana wave
Posted by: aserID

Re: Downloading inquiries - 10/16/12 07:54 PM

Thank you, Pollo Diablo, for the informa-
tion, and thanks to you, too, Ana!

Before posting my inquiries last night,
I had attempted a download from the
GOG site. I waited an hour and a half at
the time for some feedback but then gave
up, thinking I had lost the connection.

I'll try it again, perhaps with another

Thanks, again!wave

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Downloading inquiries - 10/17/12 10:18 AM

You should definitely see something like a pop up box showing download progress. I would expect to see something right away.

Ana wave
Posted by: oldman

Re: Downloading inquiries - 10/17/12 01:51 PM

Aser if you used the GOG download manager then there will be a status listed by percentage of download I think. Plus you can pause the download and continue at will.

I generally start downloads at night and let them run while I'm sleeping as some of the games are pretty big and require a while to download.
Posted by: aserID

Re: Nancy Drew Deadly Devices Pre-Order - 10/17/12 11:43 PM

Ana- thanks for the great tip!
I'll be aware of this
next time! praise urock

Oldman - thanks for your help!
Everyday I learn something
new! thumbsup happydance