Posted by: Mary

Kickstarter - 10/21/12 11:49 AM

Does anyone know how I can check which of the several (at the time) Kickstarter campaigns I donated to? The payments went through my Amazon account, but I can't seem to find any record of it there.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Kickstarter - 10/21/12 12:00 PM

Do you remember what games they were?
If the games didn't receive adequate pledges, your Amazon account wouldn't be charged.
Posted by: Mary

Re: Kickstarter - 10/21/12 12:21 PM

No, I don't know the games: that's the problem. And I remember my Amazon account being charged, but I don't remember which games I supported.

I know Tex Murphy is one of them I did support. There also was Broken Sword and ...??? All came about the same time frame.

I'm just surprised that if I paid through Amazon, I can't find any record of that on their site, or I'm missing it.


I found it by checking my old emails: there was a confirmation from Amazon confirming my donations!
Posted by: Mordack

Re: Kickstarter - 10/21/12 12:25 PM

If you go to and login, you can see "My Backer History". Should give you everything you want to know
Posted by: Mary

Re: Kickstarter - 10/21/12 12:31 PM

Oh, good to know Mordack; Thanks!