Posted by: judith

GOG - 10/31/12 07:32 PM

Has anyone tried to buy a game from GOG lately? I've been trying to buy Riven because my 5cd version won't install on xp,(needs qt2.) I get to the payment page, put in my credit card # but can't put in the expire date, nothing happens, you can't click on it. I was wondering if they are having problems?
Thanks Judy
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: GOG - 10/31/12 07:40 PM

Have you contacted their support or tried another browser?

Ana :wave;
Posted by: judith

Re: GOG - 10/31/12 07:45 PM

Thanks Ana; I'll try again tomorrow. If it's still the same I'll try their support.
Posted by: HandsFree

Re: GOG - 11/01/12 05:18 PM

I have the same problem using Internet Explorer. When I buy something from GOG I have to use Firefox.
Posted by: kjos

Re: GOG - 11/01/12 05:21 PM

So do I. have to use firefox.
Posted by: bigpsycho

Re: GOG - 11/13/12 06:17 PM

works fine for me ....
Posted by: Simon

Re: GOG - 11/17/12 03:39 PM

I bought Resonance recently with firefox and met no issue.
Posted by: flotsam

Re: GOG - 11/18/12 07:20 PM

Ditto firefox - but goodness knows why