Primordia Now Released!

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Primordia Now Released! - 12/05/12 02:09 PM

Wadjet Eye Games’ newest retro-styled adventure is here! Primordia, a cyberpunk game from indie developers Wormwood Studios, has just been released as a $9.99 PC download. And there are just a few days left to get a disc version, since Wadjet Eye’s limited edition DVD offer will end on Dec. 9th.

Check out the Screenshots here.

Download the Demo here.


What Happened to the Humans? Find Out Today in Primordia, a Cyberpunk Adventure for PC
Retro-styled adventure game from Wormwood Studios and Wadjet Eye Games now available from,, and Steam.

NEW YORK - December 5, 2012 - Primordia, a cyberpunk adventure game from indie developer Wormwood Studios and publisher Wadjet Eye Games, is now available for PC download. A point-and-click adventure in the same vein as the classic Beneath a Steel Sky, Primordia takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where robots have inherited the earth. It can be purchased from as a $19.99 limited edition DVD (offer ends December 9) or a $9.99 download. Primordia can also be downloaded from and Steam.

Primordia is a sci-fi adventure with an in-depth story and a philosophical bent. Stoic android Horatio Nullbuilt lives with his robot companion Crispin in the deserted dunes beyond the city of Metropol. His existence is a peaceful one: he combs the landscape for machine parts to repair his rundown airship and ruminates upon the Book of Man, which teaches of the humans who came before him. But this solitary life is shattered when a rogue robot breaks into the airship and steals the power core Horatio and Crispin need to survive. Now the pair must travel outside the relative safety of their remote home to Metropol, where the search for power will yield unexpected discoveries about Horatio's origins, his purpose, and the world he thought he understood.

The Wormwood Studios team has been working on Primordia for three years. "Primordia is the product of our lifelong love of adventure games and everything that goes into them: hand-drawn art, clever puzzles, compelling stories, memorable music," says Mark Yohalem, Primordia's writer/designer. "To finally see the game out the door is a little like raising a lion up from a cub and releasing it into the wild: you have to let it go before it kills you, you rejoice to set it free, and yet you can't help but feel sorry to have it gone. Now, we just have to wait to see if it becomes a vicious man-eater. If so, then mission accomplished."

This anticipated indie game recently shot up the Steam Greenlight chart, becoming one of the fastest games to be greenlit by the service. Primordia joins several Wadjet Eye-published games on Steam, including Independent Game Festival winner Gemini Rue, the acclaimed interactive narrative Resonance, and Wadjet Eye's ongoing series of Blackwell mysteries.

Learn more about Primordia and check out the demo at the official website:

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