Posted by: barlouwin

Viva-media - 12/12/12 11:30 AM

Hello not sure where to post this but has anyone had problems with this company.I ordered a game for download a week ago still not received any thing from them regarding purchase, game downloads then dissapears so no game have sent numerous support tickets but still no answer, anyone any suggestions as what to do next. Thanks
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Viva-media - 12/12/12 11:37 AM

Have you checked your spam folder for emails? Many times company mails get thrown into your spam folder. All you can do is contact them via their website. Have you recieved a support ticket? You can check on the status here.

Ana wave12
Posted by: barlouwin

Re: Viva-media - 12/12/12 11:52 AM

Hello no e-mails in spam folder no reply to support ticketsjust nothing happening at all. Thank you for your reply.
Posted by: oldman

Re: Viva-media - 12/12/12 12:23 PM

If you remember your password, you should be able to go to their main page and when there, login. Then go to "my account" and it will show you the games you've ordered/bought.
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Re: Viva-media - 12/12/12 01:30 PM

Hello thanks for the reply oldman I know my password and have been to my account and can see the game I bought. The link is there to download but after download it just says cannot install and then dissapears as said before I contacted customer support via their tickets but no reply to anyone of them has been going on for a week now wish I had never bothered to buy the game its Black mirror 2 I ordered as want to play it again as not many games around that I like, Thanks for your help.
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Re: Viva-media - 12/13/12 11:38 AM

Hello Barlouwin,

Sorry about the inconvenience this must have caused you. We have replied to your tickets, but I think there might've been an issue with your receiving the response. I have decided to contact your direct e-mail address so that we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you.
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Re: Viva-media - 12/13/12 01:55 PM

Thank you for stopping in to help Viva Media. Much appreciated.

Ana wave12
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Re: Viva-media - 12/14/12 10:36 AM

Hello just to let everyone know the game is now downloaded and playing thank you all for your help must have been some sort of glitch before but all okay now. Have told Viva-media also. Thanks once again.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Viva-media - 12/14/12 10:46 AM

Very good news, barlouwin! happydance12 wave12
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Re: Viva-media - 12/14/12 11:21 AM