GOG Price Increase?

Posted by: lexxy

GOG Price Increase? - 01/05/13 08:49 AM


I may be seeing things at the GOG site but two days ago I was over looking at a game I was thinking of buying and the price was $4.99 and today it was $5.99 and the $5.99 game I was eye balling is now $9.99. Maybe I saw it wrong the first time.
Posted by: Creeping_Doom

Re: GOG Price Increase? - 01/05/13 09:01 AM

Perhaps the game you were considering was at a sale price ? I know that GOG recently had a huge sale , where nearly every game in their library was offered at prices , sometimes up to 75% off . An example was the first Witcher game . The original price for that game is $9.99 , but was on sale for $2.49 .
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: GOG Price Increase? - 01/05/13 11:23 AM

Yup. Sounds like you missed the sale.