critter chronicles

Posted by: dianne

critter chronicles - 01/06/13 01:51 AM

can someone please tell me where is it possible to purchase the critter chronicles boxed version thank you dianne
Posted by: anne2

Re: critter chronicles - 01/06/13 02:45 AM

Dianne, as far as I know there is no boxed version available only digital download.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: critter chronicles - 01/06/13 10:46 AM

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

Ana wave12
Posted by: dianne

Re: critter chronicles - 01/06/13 10:05 PM

I have tired to order it on Amazon but they cannot ship it to Canada,guess I am out of luck as I have no idea even if uk amazon would ship it to Canada or what the cost would be. this windows8 is a real pian it seem internet exploer wont let me download any thing I use it as my I don't know of a good browser that will work. thank you so much Dianne.
Posted by: sureshot

Re: critter chronicles - 01/07/13 01:47 PM

Dianne - try Firefox - just be sure to install Adobe Flash after you install it. Very Very easy to do.
Posted by: dianne

Re: critter chronicles - 01/07/13 05:29 PM

thank you so much will give it a try dianne