grand old games rediscovered

Posted by: teresa

grand old games rediscovered - 01/11/13 12:14 AM

Since there has been a complete lack of new pc games I have made a discovery - I kept my older games and am just discovering them again.I had forgotten how very complex and interesting these were. Lots of things to find, puzzles to solve and beautiful graphics Remember Aura, All the Myst series,Schizm 1 and 2,Traitors gate 1 and 2.and many more. I kept my xp tower and now I am playing again. I am not an expert but couldnt these games be reworked to dvd, I am sure there are a lot of gamers like me that would love to play them on windows 7.
what do you think.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: grand old games rediscovered - 01/11/13 11:12 AM

The Myst games are offered at GOG, and you can burn the files to DVD if you want.

DotEmu offers Aura 1 and 2 and Traitors Gate 2, also burnable to DVD.

They don't play from the DVD, but they'll install from the DVD and you don't need the DVD in the drive to play.

Schizm and Schizm 2 are available at Gamersgate, but there's that trick you have to use if you want to back up the full game on DVD.
Posted by: The Haze

Re: grand old games rediscovered - 01/11/13 12:11 PM

Hi Teresa; might I respectfully add Syberia I and Syberia II to your list. My computer won't run several of the newer games, so I have fired these two up and am once again thoroughly enjoying the story, the well fitted puzzles, and the amazing graphics.
Posted by: lexxy

Re: grand old games rediscovered - 01/11/13 11:47 PM

Let me add my two sense by saying that I play Under A Killling Moon once a year w/o fail. I now don't have to drag out my cd's because I found GOG and downloaded it to my old XP and I can play it with any fuss. I also added the Tex Murphy Trilogy plus the first Simon and few other of my favs.GOG has me doing the happy dance . happydance happydance happydance
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: grand old games rediscovered - 01/13/13 04:20 AM

I still have my old XP computer too and am able to replay many old games like all those mentioned. It's like discovering a new world of gaming! The old games are treasurers to enjoy over and over for me!
Posted by: Mad

Re: grand old games rediscovered - 01/13/13 11:52 PM

I am always re-playing "oldies". Got lots of 'em and love 'em all !! happydance
But it does mean my "unplayed games" stack often reaches ridiculous heights because of the lack of time to play everything lol lol
Posted by: teresa

Re: grand old games rediscovered - 01/14/13 02:58 PM

Hi Haze - definitly syberia 1 and 2. Luv those games.