Darkness Within

Posted by: Drizzt

Darkness Within - 01/16/13 06:30 PM

I started playing this game last weekend, and I have to say, wow! What an atmosphere. It is truly like being in a Lovecraft story.

Excellent atmosphere; even the writing in the game feels a lot like a Lovecraft novel.

Anyone else enjoying it right now?
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Darkness Within - 01/16/13 07:05 PM

It came out in 2007 so I am not sure how many are playing now, but I remember it was a love it or hate type game when it came out.

Glad you are enjoying it!

Ana wave
Posted by: Jarkeld

Re: Darkness Within - 01/16/13 07:17 PM

It's on my replay list. One of my favourite Lovecraftian games.
Posted by: Drizzt

Re: Darkness Within - 01/16/13 07:17 PM

It is quite hard though. smile
Posted by: LeBelleRachael

Re: Darkness Within - 01/16/13 09:22 PM

I just played it a little while back....I liked it....very scary and creepy.....loved the times when you totally lost control!!! eek
Posted by: oldbroad

Re: Darkness Within - 01/16/13 09:40 PM

Have it; haven't play it yet though.