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Daylight - 02/08/13 06:39 PM

I am posting it here because despite the stress I think it is more adventure than action. It sounds interesting, randomly generated horror. HERE there is a description of the game.
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Re: Daylight - 02/08/13 06:59 PM

Sounds interesting.
Posted by: GreyFuss

Re: Daylight - 02/08/13 07:30 PM

Ouch! $20 for a 30 minute game?
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Daylight - 02/08/13 08:02 PM

Not this girl...
Posted by: LeBelleRachael

Re: Daylight - 02/23/13 12:28 PM

Well this looks interesting. It would be nice to see what this new engine is like, although many of the features of the game seem "A La Johnathan Boakes" and other games...not really that innovative.

As I was discussing with Ana and others on another thread the economics of adventure games are very poor for developers right now, so we see lots of "Kickstarters" and now games that are released one episode at a time (cognition etc.). I am not crazy about that, but I suppose we have have to endure it! hardwall

And yes 20 bucks a pop per episode for reworked Johnathon Boakes is a little......ahem! think