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Posted by: Coreoverload

Playstation Gaming - 02/08/13 08:46 PM

Any recommendations for PS1 adventures? Actually, budget (<$20) PS3 adventure games would work too.

Recently got a PS3 and looking for what to play on it. Also, ideally they wouldn't be download only. I'd rather have the physical copy.
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Re: Playstation Gaming - 02/08/13 09:29 PM

I know there was a thread here on that, but I am not having any luck finding it. Stay tuned...

EDIT: Here is a thread.
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Re: Playstation Gaming - 02/09/13 09:56 AM

I very recently bought a PS3 for the sole purpose of playing Journey. And holy mackerel, was it ever worth it. Journey *is* an adventure, if you accept the idea that your character can fly and leap, with an element of platforming, and you are joined at random by a companion (an anonymous gamer playing at the same time as you), and you travel and collaborate together. I can't find enough good things to say about Journey. It's art, it's inspirational, it's majestic and above all, it has an emotional impact like no other game I've ever played.

So yes. Journey. hearts
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Re: Playstation Gaming - 02/09/13 09:59 AM

You lost me at the random companion part.

Can it be played solitary style?
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Re: Playstation Gaming - 02/09/13 10:01 AM

Yes, it can be played offline too, if you prefer.
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Re: Playstation Gaming - 02/09/13 01:10 PM

I second Journey. I've never had a game have such an emotional effect on me. I don't play multiplayer games but I recommend playing with a companion. It is the best part of the game.
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Re: Playstation Gaming - 02/09/13 01:22 PM

I agree. I've just this minute come back from a wonderful journey with a Japanese player, who was such fun. We chirped and danced around each other the whole time. lol
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Re: Playstation Gaming - 02/09/13 07:45 PM

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is now available on PSN.