Torin's Passage - Ending

Posted by: CaptainD

Torin's Passage - Ending - 02/11/13 06:06 PM

Just finished Torin's Passage (920/999) - I was surprised by the ending though, it wasn't what I expected.
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Where was the reunion with Leena? Where was Torin becoming king?

Anyway, just wondering if I've actually missed something here - another ending perhaps?!
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Re: Torin's Passage - Ending - 02/11/13 07:08 PM

I added spoiler tags so as not to spoil the end for others. Hopefully someone that has finished will be along to share in the discussion.

Ana wave
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Re: Torin's Passage - Ending - 02/11/13 07:51 PM

Captain D,

I watched the video ending of the game and I guess that was all. It didn't show what you are asking about.
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Re: Torin's Passage - Ending - 02/11/13 09:33 PM

Great fun getting there though ?? laugh I love the game and have played it several times thumbsup
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Re: Torin's Passage - Ending - 02/12/13 05:23 AM

Thanks everyone. I guess some of it was just left to our imagination!

I really enjoyed the game, and the fact that it had a genuinely different interface to other games. It was like playing a Tex Avery cartoon!

There were some really good puzzles, though I have to admit that a couple of them drove me mad (in the wrong way! :O).
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Re: Torin's Passage - Ending - 02/12/13 06:29 AM

I think there was only the one ending. Wasn't this a fun game? I have played it several times, and my grandsons are starting to enjoy it too. Those singing puzzles still drive me crazy.
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Re: Torin's Passage - Ending - 02/17/13 03:05 PM

Yeah, I think there was only the one ending. But presumably all the things you mentioned happen - just after the game ends. Which is a little disappointing, but I guess they wanted to focus on Torin rescuing his parents.

I played this yeeears ago and just watched the ending on youtube - I had no idea Al Lowe made it!