The Silver Lining

Posted by: Kootsie

The Silver Lining - 02/13/13 09:02 AM

I have been wondering what happened to the next chapter in this game?

Anyone have any information?
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Re: The Silver Lining - 02/13/13 09:31 AM

From TSL forum post.

Originally Posted By: KatieHal of Phoenix Online
We don't have a release date for Episode 5 yet; it's in progress, though! When we do have a date, we'll be announcing it all over the site, though. smile
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Re: The Silver Lining - 02/17/13 02:48 PM

I played the first four episodes. Generally I liked it: the KQ games were the first games I ever played so it has major nostalgia value for me. XD

The plot's a bit chaotic and relies on the "really important prophecy!" trope a little too much, but the team originally planned for a much longer game which got cut down a lot, so I can understand why that happened.

EDIT: The TSL people are having a contest, it seems!

The idea seems to be that you draw/design a tapestry and then the winners get put into episode 5.

I'm having trouble thinking of other games that do this sort of thing. It happens all the time with kickstarters, obviously, but I think it's quite rare that this happens through contests.