Light House:The Dark Being

Posted by: Winfrey

Light House:The Dark Being - 02/16/13 06:14 PM

I reached back into my TBPP and I started playing Light House... Got to the First House... got to the slider puzzle crazy crazy me and sliders are like... oil and water... lol.... gotta love it smile
Posted by: GreyFuss

Re: Light House:The Dark Being - 02/16/13 06:20 PM

Actually I like sliders and figure that once you complete a few you come to have a game play of how to move the pieces to accomplish what you want. They are all pretty much the same (basically) so once you have your plan it can be used on all of them in one form or another.

Its been a while but I can't remember the slider at the beginning of Lighthouse.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Light House:The Dark Being - 02/16/13 06:30 PM

lol I like sliders also, just not if I am writing the WT for one.

Have fun Winfrey. grin