Posted by: kjos

Haunted - 03/01/13 06:40 PM

Just got a e-mail from viva media and they have a new game called (Haunted). Wondering if anybody ever heard of the game. Is it new.

I see that MaG has a WT so I guess it's a old game. Sorry
Posted by: Marian

Re: Haunted - 03/01/13 06:59 PM

Richard, it was also reviewed here on GameBoomers, in case you are interested in reading more about the game. wave
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Haunted - 03/01/13 07:02 PM


Its a new game that just came out a few months ago....

You will totally enjoy it..... happydance
Posted by: kjos

Re: Haunted - 03/01/13 07:05 PM

Thanks all. Will read about it.
Posted by: hamer

Re: Haunted - 03/03/13 03:03 AM

Such an awesome game