Lost in Time

Posted by: Mad

Lost in Time - 03/08/13 04:13 PM

Hi smile

I've been hoping a "tweaked for modern machines" version of this game would become available but haven't seen one so far.

Or has there been one and I've missed it ?? shocked

[Can't see one at GOG or DOT EMU.]


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Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Lost in Time - 03/08/13 04:34 PM

Not that I am aware of, but apparently someone here has made a program to get it to run.

If there are tips here to get it to run and there are no newer versions, I will move this to Glitches.

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Posted by: Mad

Re: Lost in Time - 03/08/13 04:53 PM

Thanks very much, BrownEyedTigre, I will certainly investigate !! thumbsup
Posted by: LeBelleRachael

Re: Lost in Time - 03/08/13 08:03 PM

I just bought a game, Grim Fandango, from this seller "allvideo". It is "tweaked" allright!....giggle! It came with 2 tweaked versions on one disc, (as well as the original discs for copyright) one didn't work well at all and the other worked fine. This fellow gives VERY good service, I had a lot of issues getting it to run (which were mainly my fault)and he walked me through it in a very timely manner, didn't have to wait or put in a ticket.

He also threw in for free 4 older games, that he didn't tell me about when I bought it, so that was nice. Looks like he has a good selection of old games, so give it a shot. You will probably have to fiddle with it a bit but he will help you with that. I definitely recommend this guy! happydance

Let us know what your experiences are if you give it a shot!
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Lost in Time - 03/08/13 08:20 PM

Thanks LeBelle!

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Posted by: Mad

Re: Lost in Time - 03/08/13 11:00 PM

That's a great endorsement, LeBelleRachael, which I very much appreciate smile

And I've ordered the game from him now thumbsup
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 04:28 AM

The same seller seems to have quite a collection of older/rarer games for sale which include XP/win7 install discs. They're not cheap but worth checking out!
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Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 09:55 AM

Let me know how it works out Mad! This could be a great resource!. And Chrissie is right, it ain't cheap, I paid 89.00 USD, this included shipping and he threw in 3 older games for free! smirk
Posted by: Mad

Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 01:23 PM

I will let you know how it goes - but shipping from the USA does take a while wink
Posted by: oldmariner

Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 02:33 PM

I have the original Lost in time disk, (which allows you to make a backup disk) by the way to save wear and tear on the original. I had no problem getting it to run in Dosbox.

Even better the Dosbox site has Front-ends for download making life easier. I downloaded the one named, D-Fend Reloaded. What that does is you can associate it will all your old games. You then have a D-Fend icon on your desktop. Put the game disc in your drive click on the D-Fend icon and a list of games you have installed pops up. simply click on the one in your drive and the game loads automatically. No codes to type in or drives to mount. D-Fend does all that for you. Both GK1 and Lost run flawlessly in Win7 and XP.

It was not hard to set up, pretty easy in fact. I have GK1 and Lost installed for a couple years now. With this front-end all you have to do is click on the icon and the game starts. Of course you need the disk in the drive. Loads the same in XP or Win 7 as any new game.

I suspect this guy did something similar with the disk he created. Check out D-Fend at Dosbox it will save you buying any tweaked versions of disk you already have.

There are several front-ends offered but D-Fend is the one I started with. I did not try the others so I cannot comment on them. If I could setup D-Fend believe me anybody can. It comes with instructions. I believe you need Dosbox installed first. I do not remember if D-Fend installs DosBox, it might. In Fact you can use D-Fend to do the initial game install rather than installing through DosBox.

Just Remember do not install any old games to Program Files folder. Make a games folder on your hard drive somewhere outside of Program files. These old games generally place saves in the game folder. Program Files will not allow writing to that folder it cannot write the saves in that location. Your game folder must be outside Program files. I find My Documents a pain as stuff gets scattered in there and often there is a massive hunt to find things. How many times have you seen people asking, "Where did they put my saves. A folder named Games @ C:/Games is much easier.

Check it out it may save you a lot of time and money. It will make running games in dosbox a lot easier.

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 02:39 PM

Please no tech info here or I will have to move the thread to Glitches. Mad, do you want suggestions?
Posted by: oldmariner

Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 02:47 PM

Sorry Ana just trying to help save boomers money on games.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 02:47 PM

Hi Oldmariner smile

I do have the original boxed Lost in Time release AND I tweaked a version from it myself - with some instructions from MrBill.
But saving games with my tweaked one can get rather difficult frown

And I would SO like a version that behaves well in all respects yes

I have tried to use DOSBox but failed miserably every time so I don't mind paying someone else to set the game up for me, even though it can be quite expensive woozy

Thanks anyway thumbsup


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Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 03:02 PM


That price is not all that bad. In case you did not notice if you look in this seller's store he has Amber Journeys Beyond available with the same tweaking. I understand this one is nearly impossible to get going in newer systems.
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Re: Lost in Time - 03/09/13 11:14 PM

Yes. I was very surprised to see Amber Journeys Beyond in his listings smile

All praise to him if he's got that to run !!