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Posted by: Darleen03

Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 03:01 PM

Hi Boomers...

I have played many adventure games though out years as I am sure you all have....

I would be interested to know.. What One game only stayed in your mind.

There are so many Good games we all played, but just one actually made me all crazy, and couldn't wait to see what happened next...

It was... Sanitarium.

I was sitting here thinking how I wish there was a Sanitarium 2.. hearts

Thanks, for your post...
Posted by: Mad

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 03:25 PM

For me, Darleen03, it will always be Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers broccoli
Posted by: The Haze

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 07:28 PM

Mine was a while ago. I still URU is one of the best games ever made.
Posted by: lanlynk

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 08:11 PM

Oh, tough question! Most memorable adventure game? I guess I'd have to choose from the Myst series, probably Uru Complete Chronicles.

After playing Uru, I bought the book, The Myst Reader by Rand & Robyn Miller with David Wingrove, and I made laminated bookmarks from Myst screenshots. I also visited the D'Ni community game online a few times and am still thinking of going back ...
Posted by: Marian

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 08:16 PM

For me, it's a tie between Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within and The Lost Crown. Please don't make me choose between the two. shame grin
Posted by: venus

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 08:42 PM

Well, if I had to pick only one, it would be The Longest Journey. It combines a science fiction world and a fantasy world and does so believably, has my favorite lead character in any game, excellent supporting cast and is just very rich and detailed in all aspects. I'm playing it again in anticipation of Dreamfall Chapters, and it is blowing me away all over again.

However, I can't let this go without listing my other favorites - Culpa Innata, the entire GK series, Grim Fandango, Dreamfall, The Lost Crown, Gray Matter and most recently, The Walking Dead. Okay, I guess that's cheating just a little bit. grin I tend to favor strong story or "novel like" games. yes
Posted by: trothmaster

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 08:52 PM

So difficult to choose! But I'm with Venus, it has to be The Longest Journey. Such a rich atmosphere, deeply crafted story, terrific voice acting, great puzzles that never got in the way of the flow of the game. I really felt like I was a part of the story. And it had the most infamous puzzle of any game!
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 08:57 PM

The Lost Crown

Ana wave
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 09:23 PM


Terri penguin
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 10:06 PM

There isn't any one game.
When I first started playing, every game I played stayed in my mind, starting with Myst and stomping around Channelwood.
Then Shivers with its weirdly intense colors and strangely eerie music.
Byzantine with its real life Mosque and cistern and computer generated views of how they looked in the past.
Drowned God with its sad story and creepy oppressiveness.
Obsidian with its Magritte-like gameworld -- the workers with computer monitors for heads, the room where you had to walk up and down the walls and ceiling, the wave puzzle, the spider puzzle...
Ripper with its weird puzzles inside a computer and an over-the-top performance by Christopher Walken.
The rat catcher in Atlantis -- a strange respite from being killed or captured by guards every time you turned around.
Atlantis 2 with the Irish horse, the blue guy in the sky, and the dragon swimming around the aquarium.
9: The Last Resort with its weirdly colorful gameworld, featuring Aerosmith members as giant twin worms and Cher a-moanin'-and-a-groanin' every time you saved your game.
Armed and Delirious with it's giant toilet, marching rocks, and flying washing machine.
That strangely atypical moment in Ark of Time where
Click to reveal..
your character stops being a jerk for once as he reads about the sad fates of the members of Atlantis who'd been travelling abroad when it blew, and were stranded in primitive cultures.

Liryl the lonely guardian in Lighthouse.
Learning about the wharks in Riven.
The enormous living ships in Schizm.
The fairytale-like night garden of Brada Coe in Schizm 2.
The music in the lighthouse, the sound of the ancient computer booting up, and the strange animals in Amerzone.
Following the vines and their glowing seed pods in Edanna in Myst III: Exile.
The story in Moment of Silence, and how it makes you wonder about how easy it is to manipulate and erase digital versions of things in real life.

And two of the best were Morpheus and Faust: 7 Games of the Soul, which spawned some great discussion posts about hidden meanings, ***one*** of which is archived. Unfortunately the Morpheus thread was lost.
Posted by: kazzmo

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 11:37 PM

AmerzoneScratches grin
Posted by: CountZero

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/02/13 11:52 PM

Its impossible to pick just one...Its like what is your favorite movie or your favorite song. I would say a three way tie smile

Longest Journey
Beast Within
Lost Crown
Posted by: traveler

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/03/13 12:22 AM

I've enjoyed a lot of games but there is only one that has ever made me tear up when it was at an end, only one that I wanted to go on and on and on. But when you reach your destination on the No. 9, your troubles and your game are over.

Just as well. No one can ever make a sequel that inevitably wouldn't measure up.

Who'll let you guess.
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/03/13 06:02 AM

It's more like a series of games that I favor equally for their unique stlye, story and atmosphere. The Myst games, Syberia games and the Tomb Raider games! All different but all fun to play.
Posted by: Jeanne

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/03/13 03:58 PM

I'm with you, Darlene.
Sanitarium was such a unique game...there's really not another quite like it. It told a story... a nightmarish tale with surreal characters. So, it gets my vote.

Cheating by throwing in The Neverhood as another stand out one of a kind game.
Posted by: Trinny3

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/03/13 04:06 PM

It is hard for me to choose. Sorry I can't pick just one.

Most of Sherlock Holmes games
Dracula Origin
Most of Secret Files games
Black Mirror games
Syberia games
Memento Mori
Most Agatha Christie games
Most of Art of Murder games
Most of Chronicles of Mystery games
Still Life games

They are all special in there own way. I played many other games that I enjoyed, but those ones stick out in my mind the most.
Posted by: mbday630

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/03/13 06:43 PM

that is a hard one. I have so many that have stayed with me and I have loved. But, I guess if I had to pick JUST ONE, it would have to be gabriel knight 2. I still love that game, and now I probably like GK1 even more, but, that is the game I couldn't get out of my head while I was playing it, and I still enjoy playing it today. but, as I say, that is a hard one to answer.
Posted by: Sly One

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/03/13 08:25 PM

The Longest Journey and Syberia are tied at number one for me! Loved both of them so much and still think about them from time to time.

Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/04/13 12:00 PM

I know its really hard to pick just one...

Sorry for putting you all on the spot grin
Posted by: LadyCav

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/04/13 01:30 PM

Great question and a tough one. I've played dozens of great games, and while I tell people that The Lost Crown is my favorite game...

...the one that stays in my mind after all these years is the first game I ever played and still love to revisit occasionally and that is Riven.
Posted by: mbday630

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/04/13 02:04 PM

This is hard. I guess if I had to pick JUST ONE (hard as that is) it would have to be Gabriel Knight 1. I still enjoy playing that game.
Posted by: Argyle1968

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/04/13 03:21 PM

The best, most macabre, visceral, beautiful, grotesque, scariest, creepiest and downright unsettling game I've ever played was Dark Fall III: Lights Out.
Posted by: BobH

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/05/13 02:13 AM

There is only one where I can easily transport myself back into the world, and that is Syberia.
Posted by: lexxy

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/06/13 05:00 PM

Mine with out a doubt would be Under A Killing Moon
Posted by: Mikael

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/06/13 05:31 PM

The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery.
Posted by: auntiegram

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/06/13 11:24 PM

It's a tie........ lol URU Complete Chronicals and Sherlock in the Awakening!!! I loved trying to catch those fireflies and making the bridge over the water in one and boating in the swamps in New Orleans!!!

Posted by: SCOTTY

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/07/13 12:44 AM

OK I Gotta go with the Longest Journey (I think)

Holy moly that's hard!!!

Wait!!!! I forgot Myst!!!
Who started this silly thread anyway?!! Thanks Darlene. Now I'll lay awake trying to figure out what game I should pick.

Good grief!!!
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/07/13 10:28 AM

Originally Posted By: SCOTTY
OK I Gotta go with the Longest Journey (I think)

Holy moly that's hard!!!

Wait!!!! I forgot Myst!!!
Who started this silly thread anyway?!! Thanks Darlene. Now I'll lay awake trying to figure out what game I should pick.

Good grief!!!

rotfl Scotty yes it was "Silly Me" lol

I sort of relate this to food... WE all love macaroni's, but I have a favorite which is Ziti..I guess I can't put games in that way ..

Oh Well... grin
Posted by: BobH

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/07/13 11:12 PM

Originally Posted By: SCOTTY

What is TLC? I got The Longest Journey.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/07/13 11:15 PM

The Lost Crown

Ana wave
Posted by: BobH

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/07/13 11:26 PM

Thanks Ana! thumbsup wave
Posted by: Carolin

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/08/13 07:34 AM

Started to replay it again yesterday, and it's just as good as it was when it was released.

Posted by: Kimbettan

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/08/13 11:38 PM

The game that got me started with adventure games... Shivers.. Followed by all of the Gabriel Knight series. Sorry, just one wouldn't do!
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/09/13 05:48 PM

If I had to pick absolutely just the one game it would have to be Broken Sword - the 1st AG I ever played! hardwall
Posted by: traveler

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/09/13 05:55 PM

That's an interesting comment, chrissie. I wonder how many of us still rate the first adventure game we ever played as our favorite. I was lucky enough to start with a real classic and I certainly do.

Posted by: chrissie

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/09/13 06:28 PM

Funnily enough traveller, I had got hooked on 'Sega Mega' games before that & a few PS1 games that were entertaining but um...brainless! I ended up with BS1 in a charity compilation after that, tried it & thought that there was too much talking & 'dismissed it'! I didn't have anything else to play a few months later so loaded it up & persisted with it to discover such a wonderful story & game. I've since then just wanted more of the same - it took me 2 years to find BS2 on PS1 - way before I had access to a PC from 2000 onwards & was so unaware of the many games available for PC at the time.
BS1 was the game that was responsible for me becoming a complete BAAGer! lol
Posted by: traveler

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/09/13 06:50 PM

"BS1 was the game that was responsible for me becoming a complete BAAGer! lol"

chrissie, I had never played much of anything but the original Kwazi's Quest Mahjong (which was pretty good, btw, except for those dumb poems), when I ran across a demo for Grim Fandango on CNet. Fifty megabytes and it took me an entire day to download it on dialup. Those were NOT the good old days. grin

Fantastic story, great characters, wonderful voice acting, beautiful graphics, music that's perfectly suited to the game...any more superlatives I can stick in there? I had to have the game and got one of the last copies Lucas Arts sold, I think. Fifteen bucks in a jewel case, then the game disappeared from their site.

See, Lucas Arts? See what happens when you ignore Grim? You get swallowed by Disney! Ha!

Posted by: kjos

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/09/13 06:53 PM

I think ToonStruck was a great game to. I'm playing it now on my xp.
Posted by: niteowl07

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/09/13 11:34 PM

absolutely ,it is syberia !

not only was it the first game i ever played ,i did it all on my own ,not knowing about this site and hints.(took forever ,lol )

i still remember being being blown away by the graphics and colors ,and being totally into the story and characters.
and getting my B-I-L to come downstairs and try to help me solve some of the puzzles ,him getting as involved as me ! lol we were getting so upset trying to get oscar built - we wanted to see what he would do - it was just so magical when we did !
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/10/13 11:11 AM

I have to admit...

It was a hard choice for me...

Between... Lost Crown, and Siberia..

But , Sanitarium... Was unique to me..
Posted by: Leeana

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/10/13 07:55 PM

Capri - Isle of Capri - and cant wait for the last episode to come out
Posted by: Imari

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/12/13 02:07 PM

Myst, because it was my first and you always remember your first. razz
Posted by: BobH

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/12/13 02:42 PM

Originally Posted By: traveler
That's an interesting comment, chrissie. I wonder how many of us still rate the first adventure game we ever played as our favorite. I was lucky enough to start with a real classic and I certainly do.


I remember seeing a text adventure way back in the 70's but never played it myself. My first was one of the early King's Quest games which really set the standard for the time. I have fond and frustrating memories of those games. I chose Syberia earlier and still choose it but the King's Quest/Space Quest games are memorable in their own way to me.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/12/13 04:27 PM

Jenny100, I must say that I am awed by your memory thumbsup
Posted by: oldman

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/12/13 10:27 PM

Hmmmm, well for the nostalgic "favorite one" then I have to list the game that started me down the adventure trail which was King's Quest.

However, if I'm being honest my overall favorite, if I absolutely have to pick one (as has been written here often) would have to be The Longest Journey.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/12/13 10:28 PM

Originally Posted By: looney4labs
Jenny100, I must say that I am awed by your memory thumbsup

Thanks, Looney. One of my favorite things about games is how you can explore exotic virtual worlds. Also I tend to remember scenes from the games I played fairly early on better than those I played more recently. For example there was one game I played a couple of years ago where all I remember is the scene where you're tied up in a chair and you have to scoot your chair around in the right order. That was not one of my favorites.
Posted by: sanford

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/13/13 04:51 PM

Hi, fellow Boomers,
There are so many great games I've played throughout the years. It's so hard to pick just ONE. I've loved practically every game mentioned in this thread Each time I replay one of them, it becomes my "favorite". I also played and loved all of the "Leisure Suit Larry" games. I laughed as Larry always tried to "get the girls", but was never able to. It was SO much fun. I almost felt sorry for poor Larry. HAPPY GAMING!
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/13/13 09:46 PM

Hi, sanford

Is it safe to say your favorite is Leisure Suit Larry? Sounds like it was a fun game for you...
Posted by: sanford

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/13/13 10:23 PM

Hi Dar,
I wouldn't say it was my favorite, but it had not been mentioned in this thread, so I thought I would just put it out here to find out if any other of our Boomers had an opinion of it-----and YES, I did find it funny to watch and play the "shenanigans" of poor little Larry who could never manage to "get the girl", and he tried SO hard to do that.
Posted by: connie

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/14/13 07:22 AM

Sandy, my first game was Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. I loved all the Larry games, and all of the other Sierra games. They got me started in gaming. wave
Posted by: sanford

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 04/14/13 06:55 PM

Hi Connie, It seems like you and I have had the same kind of gaming experiences. My first game was also a Sierra game. It was also an LSL game. Then I moved on to The Myst series and to the Gabriel Knight games, etc. I'm presently re-playing the DRACULA games I own.
Posted by: Marji

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 05/04/13 01:49 PM

Posted by: Leeana

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 05/05/13 10:46 AM

Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 05/07/13 11:52 PM

As Jenny100 said, there are so many memorable moments in the great games we've played. If I had to choose only one, it would be Riven, perhaps because I've spent so many hours in that game world and have gone back to visit numerous times.
Posted by: meryl

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 05/08/13 02:48 AM

Dark Fall - The Journal.

But you're right. There's a special place in my heart for the first game I ever played - ND Treasure in the Royal Tower.
Posted by: SCOTTY

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 05/14/13 12:06 AM

This is like the movie "The Highlander"...."There can be only 1"

Well OK. It's between April & Crow & Kate & Oscar but since you're forcing me to choose...

The Longest Journey
Posted by: Antoinetta

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 05/14/13 04:19 AM

Gabriel Knight III

Posted by: CaptainD

Re: Pick One <JustOne> - 05/15/13 10:00 AM

One game... ONE game?!?

Well... I guess the one that I spent the longest playing (partly because it had mazes which actually I hate in adventure games, and partly because this was in the days before the internet and online hints / walkthroughs), and that therefore sticks in my head very prominently, is the wonderful (apart from the mazes) Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders.

At least the mazes weren't as horrible as the catacombs in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which were so bad that the original game packaging included a map, and it was still confusing!!