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downloading - 04/16/13 05:32 PM

Where do I go on Gameboomers to learn how to download a game? I lost a game once and am afraid to try downloading again. There once was a place on your site to buy games and have the disk shipped to my house. I can't find them now. May I have a step by step explanation on how to download, or where I can purchase a disk and have it shipped to my house? I believe the site was called "Interact". I really liked that place and purchased several games from them. My kind of game "Adventure" are not found on the store shelves anymore.
Posted by: MaG

Re: downloading - 04/16/13 09:26 PM

InteractCD is now closed. They never sold games for download - just physical disks.

Any download site you buy a game from has a procedure that is stated in the information or FAQ in their site. Some procedure varies from site to site.
Some have direct download; some require that you download their "downloader" or "control panel" or their specific program (like Steam or Amazon).

So it would be best to check the download store you want to buy from and see which procedure they follow.

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