King's Quest 4 remake demo

Posted by: HandsFree

King's Quest 4 remake demo - 05/05/13 06:45 AM

Is it OK to post this here?

There's a playable demo available of the King's Quest 4 remake. It's the section where Rosella is stranded on an island and has to find a way back to Tamir. All the graphics and sounds are updated and the actual puzzles are changed a bit too.
If you want to give it a try you can get it here:

I recently joined the team and helped programming this demo.
We like to hear your opinions so we can make the full game as good as possible. smile
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Re: King's Quest 4 remake demo - 05/05/13 09:14 AM

Thanks, HandsFree!
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Re: King's Quest 4 remake demo - 05/12/13 11:49 AM

Thanks, HandsFree! I haven't had a chance to play much, but it looks great so far. thumbsup The backgrounds are beautiful and it's nice to have some new puzzles, so in a way, it's like playing a new game. smile (Will probably have more specific feedback on this once I get a chance to play farther.) The only thing I'm not crazy about is Rosella's look. Rosella was described as "legendarily beautiful," and I'm not seeing that with this portrait. Still, I can live with it, as everything else looks fantastic. smile
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Re: King's Quest 4 remake demo - 05/13/13 05:57 AM

Yes, the portraits have triggered a lot of feedback. I'm expecting some discussion about that within the team. smile