nancy drew ghost of thornton hall

Posted by: Kootsie

nancy drew ghost of thornton hall - 05/11/13 02:35 PM

To Those who finished the game, please share your reviews.

For myself...liked the characters and storyline

disliked the darkness throughout game

Oh..and those lame as heck
Posted by: MaG

Re: nancy drew ghost of thornton hall - 05/12/13 09:01 AM

I did get engrossed in the storyline. I talked and talked to all the characters. laugh
Posted by: Leeana

Re: nancy drew ghost of thornton hall - 05/12/13 02:26 PM

Kootsie yes totally agree .... with what you said but I must add.... that even though half of what I could have seen If only was a Tad brighter, it was Wonderful Im planning to replay and try to get all the easter eggs and trophies as I can lol gonna try harder .... now I think she said she was visiting some place at the end of the game I dont remember (my lol I cant remember ..syndrome) anyway it should be an outside game in "Daylight" I hope ...anyway you look at it, Im a Nancy Drew Fanatic smile

MaG me too ... I love Nancy Drew Games! although (and Im Not knocking this game down) ...dont you think that we had really Hard for example, Sliders and/or timed scenes..that it made some/most of our boomies coming here for saves, lol I remember those times because I was One of them lolol
Posted by: MaG

Re: nancy drew ghost of thornton hall - 05/12/13 06:43 PM


I love those puzzles. BUT it's a trial if you have to write a step by step (or take a picture while in the middle of the puzzle) especially on sliders. Doing them is intuitive - but train of thought gets disrupted when you have to write it down.

In timed puzzles, if possible save at start or middle and stop to think. This latest Nancy allowed saving which was a plus. Doing math in my head while smoke is flowing around Nancy makes my blood pressure rise. Hahahahah.