Lost Horizon Digital Manual

Posted by: lanlynk

Lost Horizon Digital Manual - 05/23/13 03:41 AM

I bought the download version of Lost Horizon on sale from Amazon ($2.49 right now). Started playing and it's great! It'll be a lot of fun.

When I quit the game, I came to GameBoomers to locate walkthroughs in case I needed one. I found mention of a manual. Well, I searched on my computer for it and didn't find any, so I went back to the Amazon page and discovered that you download the manual separately. There's a link for it under the Product Details (a PDF file). Not very well displayed. frown

Anyway, I just wanted to give others a heads-up if they buy the game from Amazon. Not sure how the manual is provided with other vendors. It's a great manual and definitely worth the time downloading and reading.

Thanks to MaG for mentioning the manual in the walkthrough. Otherwise, I wouldn't even have known it existed. thumbsup

Edit: Did I post this in the correct forum? Should I have posted it in the general Adventure Game Discussions?
Posted by: MaG

Re: Lost Horizon Digital Manual - 05/23/13 09:54 AM

Thanks, lanlynk.