Cognition games

Posted by: hamer

Cognition games - 05/24/13 01:25 AM

wow..they get better and better..if you havent played any i would really suggest start from the First but it is a really good series and the story has a lot of twists
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Cognition games - 05/24/13 04:36 AM

Thanks hamer it sounds like my kind of game.
Posted by: AdvGamer4Life39

Re: Cognition games - 05/24/13 01:57 PM

I can vouch for Cognition that game is pure awesome! The game gets better with each episode and leaves on the edge of your seat. I seriously can't wait for episode 4. Get the Season Pass and you will save money that way on all 4 episodes.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Cognition games - 05/24/13 02:45 PM

I pledged for this game - opting for the disk version - and so I've restrained myself from playing any episodes until I have them all smile
I am SO looking forward to it !! dance
Posted by: oldman

Re: Cognition games - 05/24/13 05:10 PM

just finished episode 3 myself and am salivating for the last episode. It's going to be an agonizing wait.
Posted by: sanford

Re: Cognition games - 05/28/13 11:39 PM

I am also I am patiently waiting for Episode 4, oldman. I am one of the proud owners of the season pass, as well. Happy Gaming!