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Gamestop? - 06/16/13 11:10 AM

Not sure if this is the right forum, but does anyone know if Gamestop has finished trading please?
I bought The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura back in November 2012, and would like to play the game again, but it's not possible to log in or see accounts or games that have been bought.
Suppose its mainly the reason why people want hard copies of games. Thanks for any info in advance. frown
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/16/13 11:18 AM

You can contact them here regarding previously purchased downloads. luck
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/16/13 01:43 PM

Thank you, BET. I had a look through some of their questions and answers and found my Gamestop app had been corrupted somehow, they have a repair option and all is OK now. happydance
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Re: Gamestop? - 06/16/13 02:23 PM


Happy Gaming!

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