Why the Spiders

Posted by: dogpenny

Why the Spiders - 06/17/13 01:41 PM

Just talking about them makes my skin crawl I have seen some games I would like to play but reading the WT there are spiders in the WT and I terrified of spiders in a game or not. Cant they make games without the spiders for those of us who cant handle spiders to get a chance to play the game? I know this may sound silly to some but for me it is a real problem.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Why the Spiders - 06/17/13 02:16 PM

I think it comes down to the fact that if you left out items among the top ten phobias, there would be no snakes, spiders, or even dogs allowed. Also no cliff views for those with a fear of heights or falling or even finding your way out of a well or small area for those of us with claustrophobia.

I cannot listen to someone with difficulty breathing or when there is a cave in and you are trapped without my beginning to get a panic attack or asthma attack. I would never think for them to eliminate these things because the list would become endless if they had to consider everyone's fears.

On another side, many people like to be scared and the random spider or snake in a game heightens their fear and deepens their experience with the game.

Sorry you are having issues with it, and hope you can find a way around it.

Ana wave
Posted by: Carrie

Re: Why the Spiders - 06/17/13 02:58 PM

I bet that would require some pretty creative programming skills... a game option to blur-out things we don't like.

That said, I'm the one who captures and releases them. blush
Posted by: The Haze

Re: Why the Spiders - 06/17/13 07:41 PM

Dogpenny, I am honestly happy to see your note, because it is also a problem for me. I could never finish Penumbra or its sequals because of my arachnophobia. Luckily I can wallow in snakes and bugs without problem, but spiders force me to change games.
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Why the Spiders - 06/17/13 08:24 PM

I have no problem with Spiders.....I HATE ANTS.....Spiders eat Ants.....

I basically have no problem at all with a game that has Ants, Spiders or Snakes....As I know its only a Game.....They can't harm me....

I agree with , Ana.... The developers can't worry about people with Phobias.....there will be no games if that was to happen....

My suggestion is to research the game....If it has things that cause you to be upset....Don't buy the game..... kissy
Posted by: The Haze

Re: Why the Spiders - 06/18/13 09:35 AM

lol Here's an example of what 'bugs' (HA!) me. Last night I installed and started A New Beginning. Almost at the start, our hero goes into the basement workshop to get 'stuff' to fix a machine. For no reason at all, adding nothing to the puzzle or the plot, a spider the size of a Shetland Pony dropped out of the ceiling; wriggled & squiggled; then disappeared. The game's character never saw it as it was in the foreground. I had to stop and clean up the spilled coffee. (I am such a wimp!) I think we need a movement; "The Society to Outlaw Gratutitous Arachnids."
Posted by: Antoinetta

Re: Why the Spiders - 06/19/13 02:39 AM

If you are an arachnophobe, I guess you are in good company. In Sherlock Holmes: Hound of the Baskervilles (actually a HOG)Holmes and Watson are at Baskerville Hall. Watson won't follow Holmes into one room at first because of his fear of spiders, and Holmes has to apologize to Henry Baskerville for him. Quite amusing.