Sherlock Holmes games

Posted by: Xavier6

Sherlock Holmes games - 07/18/13 06:40 PM

I got a free game coming from big fish games.My query is,I liked mystery of the mummy except the timed sequence with the scorpians,I don't mind gore or creepy things,which Sherlock game would you all recommend?If this helps anyone my favorite game of all time is Riddle of the Sphinx.
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/18/13 06:51 PM

Hi Xavier,

The games are all quite different in tone and style.

If you're looking for a real cerebral work-out, then Nemesis (aka SH vs Arsene Lupin) might suit you very well.

Since you don't object to gore, then The Awakened and SH vs Jack the Ripper both have plenty of it. The Jack the Ripper game is factually close to the actual true crime, and puts forward an interesting theory. smile

My own personal favourite is Testament of SH. It's a loooooong, long game (around 16 hrs without a walkthrough), with a twisty-turny plot. The voice actor for Holmes is superb. The graphics are gorgeous and the puzzles are challenging (although not as challenging as Nemesis).
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Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/18/13 06:51 PM

Of the Sherlock selection at BigFish I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper.

Ana wave
Posted by: Xavier6

Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/18/13 07:15 PM

What to do,what to do?I'm currently playing RTMI2-Mina's fate but the feeding thing and large inventory are getting on my nerves.There's no Testament on big fish so it's between Arsene and Jack I've heard good things about both in other places as well.I sure do appreciate ya'lls input though.I do like a good puzzler though,so it might be Arsene for now and try Jack at a later time.
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Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/18/13 07:46 PM

THE AWAKENED!! Very cool game. Great puzzles....some dark creepy areas to explore & no EZ walk in the park as far as challenging!!. I'd say either that or Jack The Ripper but The Awakened was my favorite!! GOOD LUCK!!
Posted by: The Haze

Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/18/13 07:55 PM

I've played them all at least twice, but liked 'The Awakened' because it seemed to refocus on the original stories and characters.
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Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/18/13 09:06 PM

The Awakened is my favorite, too. Sherlock meets Cthulhu. grin It's really a fun game that takes you to the Alps, the Louisiana swamps and a strange lighthouse among other places. You won't be bored!


Oh, shoot, Big Fish probably doesn't have it but grab it if they do.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/18/13 09:11 PM

Big Fish does have The Awakened. wave
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/19/13 06:26 AM

I adore the New Orleans section of The Awakened. grin It's a great game.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Sherlock Holmes games - 07/19/13 11:32 AM

The Awakened is still MY favourite, too thumbsup