Nancy Drew Question :)

Posted by: Tracy

Nancy Drew Question :) - 07/30/13 12:00 PM

Hi everyone. I'm just wondering if anyone knows when the next Nancy Drew game will come out? I know it's usually Fall, but I was just curious about the date. I had so much fun with the last one that now I'm eager for the next---how fun is that to have that anticipation after all of these years? smile

Posted by: Marian

Re: Nancy Drew Question :) - 07/30/13 12:10 PM

I don't have any inside info on this, but if this year's pattern reflects the last few years of releases, I would say that preorders will start for The Silent Spy on Her Interactive's website in late September and that the game will be released in October. smile
Posted by: Kootsie

Re: Nancy Drew Question :) - 07/31/13 09:05 AM

I do love ND games and have played them all but never finish one without a walkthrough or hints at the HerInteractive forums.

When they rate the games for age 10 to adult I find it difficult to believe that any 10 year old could possibly play. I'm no genius but I am not stupid either and some of the puzzles TOTALLY confound me.
Posted by: jazzriver

Re: Nancy Drew Question :) - 08/29/13 04:19 PM

October 15.
Pre-orders begin Sept 15 or 16.
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Nancy Drew Question :) - 08/29/13 04:33 PM

Thanks stonzee, there is a more current thread informing that here.
Posted by: gatsbygirl

Re: Nancy Drew Question :) - 08/31/13 11:01 AM


I am glad that you posted this because now I know that I'm not the only one who thinks that the ND games are hard smile I have wondered about the age rating of 10 and up, too. Kids these days seem to get things pretty quickly, so maybe the games are easier for them than for those of us who are of "a certain age."

I know there was a discussion about it at Her Interactive but I really wish that the ND games had a "skip puzzle" option. I would probably be hitting it frequently!
Posted by: copper

Re: Nancy Drew Question :) - 09/03/13 02:02 PM

Thank you Kootsie and gatsbygirl, I was thinking I must be a bit stupid as I have never finished a ND game without Gameboomers walkthro' help. Everytime I start a new ND game I say to myself, I won't "cheat" this time, but I always do.
Posted by: GBC

Re: Nancy Drew Question :) - 09/09/13 03:56 PM

I enjoyed all the earlier ND games. I used to play them right through but now I need a walkthrough for some of the puzzles. Maybe they get harder cause I get older. lol