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Posted by: hamer

Games not Translated - 08/22/13 04:15 PM

I came across a forum where they are discussing games that have not yet been translated to English...There are a lot of them and some look fantastic...You would think they would translate them to increase sales. Are there other that you can think of? And maybe a note to the developers to see if there is a chance to get them translated??
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/22/13 04:33 PM

If they thought the localization would be beneficial they would spend the money on it, but adventure game sales are much higher in German and Russian communities than the English speaking countries. It's unfortunate.

Ana wave
Posted by: hamer

Re: Games not Translated - 08/22/13 04:42 PM

I can appreciate that however the more languages it is translated to the more sales...for the cost of translating an already developed game I would imagine sales would far outweigh the cost to translate...It would only be profitable for them no matter what
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/22/13 04:47 PM

Very unfortunate. I think I'm one of the few Dutchmen with a sub-par understanding of German so I can't follow most of the written or spoken text. Can't understand a word of Russian unfortunately.
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/23/13 04:26 PM

Unfortunately the adventure game fan translation scene is almost non-existent. Nobody seems to care about European non-English adventures.

The "Petka & Vasily Ivanovich" series numbers 9 games, the "Mortadelo & Filemon" series numbers 8 games, and they all look brilliant!
I checked too, and there are way too many non-English adventures to look them all out. Like that guy said they must be literally hundreds!

I really envy the visual novel fan-translation scene. VNs are a lot more niche than adventures, with only a couple of English releases annually, but there so many people out there translating their favorite games, that it's mind blowing!
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/23/13 07:01 PM

does it have to be the developer do the English patch? Or is there a 3rd party company that can do them? If there is no such thing, that would be a heck of an idea for a business. A win/win the game would sell more etc etc
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/23/13 08:11 PM

Would love to see a translation of the Mortadelo & Filemon games. Love the comic version.
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 10:50 AM

I like the idea of a third party doing the translation, if that's the only way an English version could be released. I would be happy with English subtitles, which would seem to be much cheaper than recording new English voice-overs. Fans could create the subtitle files and the developer could sub them in. Yoomurjak's ring was released in Hungarian only with an option for English subtitles, yet it's one of my favorite games and the native language only added to the atmosphere of the game.

It wouldn't be much different than watching a movie with subtitles. The translator would have to come up with creative ways to include in the subtitles translations of non-English items that appear in the graphics, though.
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 12:47 PM

Well it could be done with a couple of talented people that can change their voices to different accents etc...A company like GOG could expand what they do already and add this to their already amazing portfolio then adventure games from all over the world could be appreciated by us and other languages....It could be a huge business I would venture to say
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 02:22 PM

I do SO agree, ergggo and hamer yes
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 02:37 PM

Ok who wants to help me start this business? Mag? lol
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 03:03 PM

rotfl rotfl
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Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 07:11 PM


Send on the plan of action and schematics and we can go from there. wink
Posted by: flotsam

Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 09:06 PM

Could you start with Clay Dreams please? There needs to be more English claymation.
Posted by: hamer

Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 09:51 PM

Flotsam...If you could pick an easier game...lets say something like Manchurian with no real voice stuff, I could have that for you by the end of the
Posted by: flotsam

Re: Games not Translated - 08/24/13 11:19 PM

You mean you don't speak Russian?? rah
Posted by: Monokuma

Re: Games not Translated - 08/25/13 04:48 AM

Have you played Tanita - Plasticine Dream? It's a Russian claymation adventure without any text or dialog, so it's fully playable. It also has a French retail release (main menu in French instead of Russian) so it's easy to find.
Posted by: philthethrill10

Re: Games not Translated - 08/31/13 04:33 AM

I played Tanita Plasticine Dream. I bought it from Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore. It is available though on That's also where I bought the game Tale of a Hero. If you haven't played that game, I highly recommend it. The voices are in English but the subtitles are in French. A patch is available that will translate the subtitles into English. You can find it by doing a search on Google. I haven't tried it so I can't guarantee that it will work.

Tanita is also available on GamersGate. There are lots of Russian games on that website like Cinderella: Crystal Fairytale, Diamon Jones, Schoolmates, Sinbad-In Search of Magic Ginger, The Adventures of Aladdin and the Magic Skull and The Adventures of Little Red Riding Cap.

There's another plasticine game that was created by the same company who did Tanita. It's called Алиса в Стране Чудес (Alice in Wonderland). Here is a link to the trailer.

Here is a link with screenshots.

I haven't been able to find a copy of that game in English or French.