Shadows II trailer

Posted by: Vengeance66

Shadows II trailer - 09/01/13 06:06 PM

Hi everybody,

I was following GB for a long time and decided to share my creations here.

Rainbow Entertainment is a indie team for creating point and click adventure games filled with professional music, voice acting, puzzles etc. The newest game is Shadows II and here is the trailer.

Shadows II Trailer

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Posted by: Marian

Re: Shadows II trailer - 09/01/13 06:07 PM

welcome to GameBoomers, Vengeance 66.

Thanks for letting us know about your game. thumbsup wave
Posted by: Mad

Re: Shadows II trailer - 09/02/13 12:10 AM

That is some fast moving trailer, Vengeance66 !! But I quite enjoyed it grin
Posted by: Vengeance66

Re: Shadows II trailer - 09/02/13 02:59 AM

Thank you very much! :-)
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Shadows II trailer - 09/02/13 06:44 AM

Cool looking game Vengeance! Thanks for sharing.