Replaying "The Cat Lady"

Posted by: sanford

Replaying "The Cat Lady" - 11/05/13 02:02 PM

Hi fellow Boomers. I just started to replay "The Cat Lady", and I am appreciating what a magnificent piece of work this game is. The ambiance is brilliant,and the story is chilling. The fact that I'm using Chrissie's walkthrough doesn't hurt, either. LOL
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Replaying "The Cat Lady" - 11/05/13 03:54 PM

Glad you are enjoying it.

Ana wave
Posted by: sanford

Re: Replaying "The Cat Lady" - 11/05/13 07:20 PM

THANKS, Ana. I'm really enjoying it more the second time around.
Posted by: jfcwilson

Re: Replaying "The Cat Lady" - 11/05/13 07:56 PM

I really need to play this thing. Thanks for reminding me!
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Replaying "The Cat Lady" - 11/06/13 04:54 AM

Hi Sanford, it's nice to know you might be finding my walkthrough useful! lol

But apart from that, I loved the game the first time around - it was so intensive but did appreciate it so much more the 2nd time & completely agree with what a magnificent piece of work the game is! thumbsup I loved the stylized artwork which I thought was brought alive by the wonderful voice acting.

I was dismayed to read comments amongst various reviews that the 'stress meter' because it featured in only 1 chapter made the game inconsistent - the reviewer obviously missed the point of the chapter as it was really only relevant in that one! Also disappointment with the ending???? I thought the ending
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was a lovely conclusion!
Overall I found the game brilliantly thought out & constructed but do warn anyone that's thinking of playing it that it does contain some very sickening scenes!
Posted by: sanford

Re: Replaying "The Cat Lady" - 11/06/13 01:02 PM

Hi Chrissie,
I think that the "sickening parts" are what made this game unique. After all, this "ain't" a Nancy Drew game. LOL
Posted by: michele rose

Re: Replaying "The Cat Lady" - 11/06/13 04:41 PM

I agree with you Sanford. The Cat Lady is a brilliant and creative story line which unfolds in a unique way. This is not just any adventure game, but an eerie, slow paced and involved examination of the human condition. Having said all that, I highly recommend it !
And thanks, Chrissie - I was stuck twice and had to resort to your walkthrough. smile