New Trailer for Homesick

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New Trailer for Homesick - 11/14/13 01:41 PM

You can view Homesick's Alpha Trailer here.

Visit the official website Here.

A first-person adventure game with beautiful, cutting edge 3D art and clever puzzles; explore an abandoned building as puzzles and nightmares help you find your way out.
Company Overview
Homesick is the first game from Lucky Pause, a new independent video game company, dedicated to creating unique, personal games, richly detailed and atmospheric. Games that invite the player to feel and think. As art, games have the opportunity to offer insight, new perspectives, and emotional and thought-provoking adventures.

What are the characters you remember most? What are the stories that you still remember? What games have had such an impact they’ve really stayed with you? Don’t you wish there were more games like that? We do too.
Homesick brings a beautiful 3D world and a first person perspective to the great point-and-click adventure game genre. It’s about time we get some point-and-click style puzzles in cutting-edge, beautiful 3D — that still runs easily on most computers!

Exploring an abandoned building, you are at peace, finding water and clues, and opening new areas of the building. You seem to have been there so long that direct light is blindingly bright, yet you feel at home. But when you sleep, you are plagued by nightmares, frantically running down hallways chased by darkness, an axe in hand, trying to escape.

You’ll uncover the world, yourself, and the meaning of the nightmares, as you try to escape in both your nightmares and the waking world.

The puzzles are hard, yet fair and sensible, and you can explore multiple paths. Featuring an atmospheric and detailed setting, clever puzzles, and a dark nightmare world, Homesick will be an experience you remember.

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beautiful and eerie atmosphere in this trailer

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Thanks Ana. Such a desolate eerie place! eek
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