Daedalic's Gomo Released

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Daedalic's Gomo Released - 12/06/13 10:40 AM

Help rescue Gomo's dog that has been abducted by aliens!

View the Screenshots here.

You can view the Trailer here.

Visit the Official website here.

Hamburg, December 6th, 2013. Gomo, the new Point & Click adventure created by Slovakian developer Fishcow Studio and published by Daedalic Entertainment is available on Steam today.

Along with the game, Daedalic Entertainment also released a trailer, giving some insight into the game's lively and obscure world. View Trailer here.

Gomo is now available worldwide on Steam and at GOG.com for US$7.99. The game will release in nine different languages, featuring German, English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Czech and of course Slovakian among others.

About Gomo
Gomo is a hand-drawn exploration-game, featuring its very own art style. Players take control of Gomo, who's out to rescue his dog Dingo from an alien abduction. A great adventure awaits Gomo and the player, as they point, click and puzzle their way through the comic-style world. There are many obstacles to face and overcome with creative solutions, like, for example, a self-made balloon. Gomo's world is also full of secrets, waiting to be discovered. The game is about nonviolent gameplay and problem solving, focusing on puzzles and exploration in a visually unique world.

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