Empathy: Path of Whispers Released

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Empathy: Path of Whispers Released - 05/16/17 01:28 PM

You can purchase Empathy: Path of Whispers here.

Check out the launch trailer here.

Developer Pixel Night and publisher Iceberg Interactive announce the release of their first-person adventure game Empathy: Path of Whispers. Players can now purchase this surreal and atmospheric experience at an SRP of $19.99, through Steam and other digital retailers.To celebrate, Empathy: Path of Whispers will have a 20% discount for the week of launch.

In addition, the soundtrack to Empathy: Path of Whispers, composed by Nicolai Patricio and featuring 16 tracks, is available as free downloadable content through Steam.

“With Empathy we set out to seamlessly integrate environmental narrative storytelling into a first-person adventure game.” says Anton Pustovoyt, lead developer at Pixel Night. “You actively need to find, decipher and experience memories left behind by people long gone, in order to unlock the secrets and mysteries of this strange and monumental world that once was. As a player you’ll be led through a rabbit hole and end up more curious than Alice was.”

Pustovoyt continues: “We especially focused on building Empathy’s surreal world, creating multiple areas with a distinct look and feel to get lost in. We want our player to feel charmed, unsettled, intrigued, haunted by their own theories of what could’ve happened. Experiencing a beautiful and evocative environment that’s completely and utterly devoid of life is something we sought to highlight and, hopefully, accomplished with Empathy: Path of Whispers”.

In Empathy: Path of Whispers, players must explore a seemingly abandoned world through the emotions and memories of the people who once inhabited it, trying to restore the world’s lost balance as you journey through its past. With a strong focus on storytelling and exploration, players will find themselves in a strange world created from people’s emotions and memories, which can be manipulated and explored. Those lost memories are the key to rebuilding the crumbling world back to its former state, discovering its mysterious past and halting an impending apocalypse. Through its innovative narrative mechanics the game will challenge the player to explore and gain an understanding of the weird world they are traveling through.

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