Announcing The Fidelio Incident

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Announcing The Fidelio Incident - 05/24/17 03:10 PM

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From the Art Director of God of War 3, The Fidelio Incident is a single-player, first-person thriller set off the coast of Iceland. After a violent plane crash, Stanley must search a desolate frozen island in search of his wife Leonore while covering up any traces of their identity. Rescue help is on the way, the past must remain hidden. "They can't find out who we are!"

Inspirations include Dear Esther, Gone Home and Firewatch as well as dark character dramas like as Homeland, Lost, and The Americans.

The Fidelio Incident was also inspired by Beethoven's only opera, Fidelio. We use the opera's premise as inspiration for the backstory, then re-imagined it for a modern setting.

Michael Krikorian's score composes over 40 minutes of original music. He incorporates themes from Fidelio's overture and transforms them to fit the mood and atmosphere of the game. The score expands the emotional depth of the narrative while complementing the atmosphere of the island.

Stanley is played by Glenn Keogh, known for his roles in Transformers Age of Extinction, Once Upon A Time, and Sons of Anarchy. Glenn was born in Ireland. After reading the script, he signed on with the goal of bringing authenticity to Stanley's character. We think he did a great job, and hope you agree!

Leonore is played by Bess Harrison, whose credits include The Temple and Memory, for Amazon Studios. Bess is described by Glenn as having a sweetheart voice you can't help but fall in love with.

The game runs on Unreal Engine 4.

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