Bear With Me - Third and Final Episode Release Announced

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Bear With Me - Third and Final Episode Release Announced - 09/05/17 10:32 AM

Bear With Me, Point-And-Click Noire Mystery, Cracks the Case on October 5

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Zagreb, Croatia – September 5 – The third, longest and final episode of Bear With Me, the noire point-and-click adventure following a 10 year-old girl and her imaginary friends as she investigates her brother’s disappearance, will arrive on October 5, 2017 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Episode 3 follows Amber’s gruff chain-smoking private investigator sidekick, Ted E. Bear, as he searches for the kidnapped heroine. Ted will investigate clues, solve puzzles and interrogate a cast of other toys brought to life in the stylized hand-drawn monochromatic metropolis known as Paper City. Only he can rescue Amber, and only together can they take down the arsonist Red Man.

Bear With Me will balance its mysteries and serious subject matter with sharp wit, clever one-liners and pop culture puns referencing films and games.

Amber and Ted’s journey through the best and worst parts of Paper City, making new friends and foes alike, will come to a grand and heartfelt conclusion with the release of Episode 3.

“The final episode of Bear With Me will provide an exciting culmination of the adventure,” says Andrej Kovacevic, Game Director, Exordium Games. “By tackling difficult subjects with a captivating narrative, witty humor and exceptional voice acting, Bear With Me’s longest episode will also deliver the greatest emotional impact.”

Bear With Me Episode 3, which is is three times larger than the first episode, will be available for $4.99 on Steam and the Humble Store with full English voiceover along with French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian subtitles.

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