Darkestville Castle Now Available

Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Darkestville Castle Now Available - 09/22/17 11:42 AM

The game is now available for purchase here.

Buka Entertainment and EPIC LLama released today on Steam a classic point-n-click 2D adventure game Darkestville Castle. This is truly a gift to all who admire old-school adventure games! Game price on Steam is set at $14.99

Darkestville Castle is an adventure with a deep story, challenging puzzles, gallows humor and gameplay similar to the Monkey Island series. All these ingredients combined create the captivating atmosphere which is going to blow you away! Most creative gamers could even win some real money prizes in a Darkestville Castle community hub on Steam as we’ve already started an art contest for the craziest demonic prank Sid ever played! More information on how to participate and prizes can be found here.

Darkestville Castle won a well-deserved Best Narrative 2016 award on the Casual Connect, Best Game in the Show at Awesome Games Awards 2017 and was also nominated for Excellence in Narrative at DevGAMM 2017!

Happy Gaming!

Ana wave
Posted by: Marian

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 09/22/17 11:51 AM

Thanks, Ana. wave
Posted by: CountZero

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 09/22/17 01:11 PM

Looks like people are loving it....Have to try it out....
Posted by: sanford

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 09/23/17 01:12 AM

Played the Demo and loved it. If I can find a decent walkthrough, this game will be my next purchase.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 09/23/17 05:00 AM

Definitely hoping for a "non-Steam" version soon yes
Posted by: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 09/27/17 11:01 AM

Just finished the demo. Added game to wish list. I've go plenty others to play yet.
Posted by: 8dognight

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 10/07/17 11:01 AM

Darkestville Castle is amusing, cleverly written, and for the most part pleasantly unpretentious. While all the characters are wacky, two of them are suspiciously stereotypical, in one case to lampoon political correctness in the face of genetic determinism and in another either as the result of a lack of authorial imagination or as a reflection of the developers' views of western society.

That said, the minimal politics aren't putting me off the game, and I have progressed in fits and starts, the fits occurring only when it fail to pay attention to conversational hints. I exited the game to write this because I am about two thirds of the way through a conversation based puzzle with tech support from hell to change a password for an inter-dimensional elevator. It has taken me more time to figure out several solutions that are obvious in retrospect than it may for other players. I laughed out loud when I realized what to do about the talking dice.

I was not immediately enthralled with Darkestville Castle because the opening is sparse. Engagement took around 30 minutes, and then the careful and artful attention to narrative structure sucked me right in.

Big upside: no extraneous collectibles. Darkestville Castle won an award at Casual Connect but this not a casual game.

Darkestville Castle, characterization warts and all, is--as was said elsewhere--a true gift to adventure gamers.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm almost finished. I am delighted with the game, which leans heavily to try everything with everything if I haven't been paying attention to cues and clues. I usually haven't.

Posted by: Marian

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 10/07/17 11:28 AM

Thanks so much for your thoughts on the game, 8dognight! wave
Posted by: oldbroad

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 10/07/17 11:33 AM

Making me take a second look at it.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Darkestville Castle Now Available - 10/07/17 12:19 PM

Yes. Trebled my hopes that a non-Steam version will be made available yes