Announcing Sol Invictus

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Announcing Sol Invictus - 11/18/17 07:34 PM

Sol Invictus is a science fiction point and click adventure game created by Munzesky Games.

Check out the trailer here.

Sol Invictus is a story driven 2D point and click adventure game set in a seemingly utopian future of our solar system. This world of authoritarian government and corporative machinations is in an over a decade long war with a rogue A.I.

The story follows a technician and crew member of the spaceship freighter “Ortana” who, through a chain of unfortunate events, falls into a web of government conspiracies and corporate intrigue that takes him across the solar system.

The game features dynamic gameplay, large number of unique locations and vivid characters, stylized in a soft retro look with a constant side view perspective, giving homage to the golden age of video games.

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