SOMA Launches with Safe Mode on PC and Xbox

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SOMA Launches with Safe Mode on PC and Xbox - 12/03/17 10:19 AM

If you put off playing Soma because of the fear of being killed you can now play in Safe Mode. If you previously bought the game you can start a new game in Safe Mode, you cannot use an old save.

Read flotsams review of Soma here. Note: you would no longer fear being killed in safe mode.

View the trailer here.

Purchase Soma here.

December 1, 2017 - From the creators of the critically acclaimed Amnesia series, SOMA is available today for Xbox One with the addition of “Safe Mode.” Also on PC, the optional Safe Mode lets players sink into the story and atmosphere of SOMA while staying protected from harm.

Isolated within the ocean’s depths, chaos has overtaken the PATHOS-II facility. Twisted creatures and corrupted robots strain the boundaries of human identity as you seek to uncover the truth, locate the last remaining inhabitants, and take part in the events that will ultimately shape the fate of the station.

With the addition of Safe Mode, players can choose to immerse themselves in the story while staying free from harm, or to leave all dangers enabled for the original SOMA experience. Just remember. There is no fighting back. Either you outsmart your enemies or you get ready to run.

SOMA is available today on Xbox One with Safe Mode. The new mode is also available for PC, and will come to PS4 at a later date.

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Re: SOMA Launches with Safe Mode on PC and Xbox - 12/03/17 10:33 AM

Thanks, Ana. What a great idea! wave
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Thank you, BrownEyedTigre. That's good to know !! thumbsup
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Re: SOMA Launches with Safe Mode on PC and Xbox - 12/05/17 08:56 AM

I just spent a very entertaining 15 minutes or so over on the GOG forum, reading comments in response to the announcement that there was now a Safe Mode for Soma. I am going to copy and paste a sampling of comments here, because I find them quite interesting:

Overall, there's nothing wrong with giving people the option / flexibility as long as not enabling it doesn't take anything away from those who don't want it. People need to be a little more flexible in forcing "single behavior games" as some games (and gamers) are a little more complicated than that and even the same person playing the same game can re-play it differently based on mood ("I want a serious challenge" vs "I want to relax and wind down for the evening").

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

And then we have the detractors' reactions, laced heavily with sarcasm:


Could someone please mod all of the gaps and pitfalls out of Super Mario? Those are scary and pretty dangerous. Also, all racing games should officially feature a bicycle mode. Cars are so noisy and bad for the environment.

Exactly and in all those FPS all these enemies shooting at you are really unsettling. Can't we have a friendship mode in DOOM (and all others), where the enemies just throw flowers at you?

And then there were the comments against the detractors:

"Mature" is the one thing you're certainly not right now. Why be so insulting and condescending? It's just a game. I personally have no interest in SOMA either way, but there might very well be people much smarter and more "mature" than either of us, who just want to relax and play the game for it's story and exploration without having to worry about a "game over" screen. It's simply idiotic and childish to make such generalising and insulting remarks about people based on their prefered mode in a computer game.

And lastly, there were those comments that were downright amusing:

Hello, my name is Toughy McToughguy and my fragile masculinity is inextricably bound to whether or not I can complete horror games. I, being the manly man that I am, have completed this game without any modding. This monumental achievement (which only hundreds of thousands of other people have achieved) has reaffirmed my manliness to myself. When I hear that others might be able to complete the game without the requisite manliness such as I possess, it takes something special away from me. Now I could just ignore it because it's a game I finished two years ago and I probably never intended to play it again in the foreseeable future, but this is a personal slight against my manhood.

P.S. If someone is having fun in ways I don't like, then they're not really having fun. So cut that out and stop having fun.

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Really like the last comment !! rotfl
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Originally Posted By: Mad
Really like the last comment !! rotfl

Glad you enjoyed it! laugh
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Ditto on the last - thanks for sharing!
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lol Marian!

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Re: SOMA Launches with Safe Mode on PC and Xbox - 12/07/17 05:22 PM

The relaxing qualities of a good adventure story game is why I prefer them to action/FPS games....but if I want to get my blood racing and wake up I enjoy a good shooter. SOMA is sort of a hybrid. Adventure with the ability to get killed. Sort of like Zork or Adventure....getting eaten by a Grue but "looking" in wonder at Flood Control Dam 3 using your 3rd eye.

I am rapidly approaching Social Security/Medicare age and still love adventure games but still want to engage in FPS/Action games (Doom, Wolfenstein series, Evil Within, etc as well as a number of blood racing VR Games Lonely Echo, Wilson's Heart, Arktika, etc. My reactions are slowing down so I avoid multiplayer games where I'm avoiding sniping, rude, teenagers but the single player modes of these games are really enjoyable as long as I can stay alive. My solution is to support and use them when I need to. Most of their "Trainers" are very helpful for an older [blip] like me and, if you are so inclined..(I'm an old IT professional), they provide the memory monitoring tools (CoSMOS) that allow you to see which registers change as you use up lives or ammo..or whatever, and actually create your own scripts to change the values in these memory locations. If you are lucky, your game may have a console access mode with developer debug commands that will accomplish the same goal..keep you from dying. SOMA has a trainer which requires a paid account or I thinks can be downloaded for 6 bucks without any subscription. I've been a CheatHappens member for 10 years and use the heck out of their trainers. Cal and Pwizard (Founders I think) are really good at what they do...and are appropriately IT nerd cranky ! I always appreciate their forum responses to the younger gamers who want trainer features that essentially play the games for them. !!!

Game on !!

You Are Never Too Old ! YANTO!

Chuck O