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Sale FireFlower Games - 12/22/17 11:23 AM


We have a bigger sale going on at FireFlower Games. It will last until January 1. You can find the games on sale here. More games might be added in the coming days.

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Re: Sale FireFlower Games - 12/22/17 12:21 PM

That's great Kristian! Thanks for the headsup!

Ana wave12
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Re: Sale FireFlower Games - 12/24/17 04:57 AM

A more detailed list of the adventure games in the sale:

A Tale of Two Kingdoms - 20% off
Demetrios - 50% off
Gold Rush! Classic - 75% off
Larry Lotter and the Test of Time - 50% off
Neofeud - 40% off
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest - 34% off
Open Sorcery - 60% off
Perils of Man - 80% off
Quest for Yrolg - 50% off
Starship Quasar - 50% off
Thaumistry: In Charm's Way - 50% off
The Beard in the Mirror - 50% off
The Cat Lady - 75% off
The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge - 80% off
The Perfidious Petrol Station - 67% off
Three Fourths Home: Extended Ed. - 70% off

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Re: Sale FireFlower Games - 01/11/18 01:32 PM

Thank you FireFlower games for making a separate category for adventure/point and click games. So many sites have a category for adventure games that are filled with hidden object, adventure and action games. This makes searching much easier and less time consuming. You have a new customer now....
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Re: Sale FireFlower Games - 01/12/18 05:14 AM

Glad to hear that you appreciate what we do. smile