Tales of Cosmos

Posted by: Fireflower

Tales of Cosmos - 01/01/18 05:48 AM

"Tales of Cosmos is an old-school point-and-click adventure game set in a huge open world planetary system. Pilot your rocket across space, land on planets and moons, solve puzzles, and unravel a cosmic mystery with the help of a genius monkey and a wondrous talking dog."

Read flotsam's review here.

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Posted by: Marian

Re: Tales of Cosmos - 01/01/18 09:48 AM

Thank you for letting us know, Fireflower! newyear
Posted by: CaptainD

Re: Tales of Cosmos - 01/01/18 10:12 AM

I think I had a review copy of this one - must check it out again, from what I remember it was rather oddball, but good.

Hmm... oddball and good... no idea why I didn't spend more time on it, must have just got busy!
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Tales of Cosmos - 01/01/18 12:10 PM

I played it earlier this year and enjoyed it.
It reminded me of the Amanita games (like Samorost).
Posted by: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Tales of Cosmos - 01/01/18 03:02 PM

YOu had me at Amanita Jenny and I was surprised I haven't played it, but lo and behold I already had it in my Steam library, just didn't install it. It's next to be played now!
Posted by: flotsam

Re: Tales of Cosmos - 01/01/18 04:49 PM

Its fun for sure