Why the drop in price?

Posted by: thomasbc

Why the drop in price? - 06/22/04 02:22 PM

This is kind of a weird question. I have noticed that the selling price of the game has dropped from about $30 USD down to $20 USD before it has even released. I am just curious as to why? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the break!

I have noticed that The Adventure Company had done this same thing to other recent releases; particularly Forever Worlds and Crystal Key II. After playing those two games, I know why those might have been dropped (pee-yew!). But your game looks SO much better than those two (and the demo backs that up)! Is the price point for adventure games just that low now in America, no matter what the quality of the game? Is there any way games like yours can compete and stand a chance of making money in a situation like this?

I may be getting into some taboo stuff now, so I will appologize for the rambling and move on...
Posted by: Sergey Nartovitch (Streko-Graphics)

Re: Why the drop in price? - 06/22/04 02:48 PM

I assume that The Adventure Company has a whole team of market researchers and analysts, working for them, that actually decide on the price of the game. I can only speculate that the price drop in the game is some sort of clever strategy to sell more copies of the game and intern make more money. As to whether or not our game can compete, well, certainly it can! I believe that this game is going to be quite a strong competitor.
Posted by: thomasbc

Re: Why the drop in price? - 06/22/04 02:59 PM

I agree completely about the quality of your game. I just hope it doesn't get unfairly equated to those other two games I mentioned because of TAC's "strategies"...