Savegames and dying

Posted by: tigger

Savegames and dying - 06/22/04 10:49 AM

Are there unlimited saves?? Can you die in the game, if so are you taken back to just before that spot or do you have to restore an old save??


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Posted by: Sergey Nartovitch (Streko-Graphics)

Re: Savegames and dying - 06/22/04 11:53 AM

We designed the game to have an unlimited number of saves. I guess the only limit is the size of your hard drive. And as for dying, yes, there are a few places where you can die. And when that occurs you start again from a spot just before where it happened.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Savegames and dying - 06/23/04 07:49 AM

Brilliant smile