Physics vs. Magic

Posted by: Becky

Physics vs. Magic - 06/22/04 12:03 PM

I was reading in one of your Designer Diaries at Adventure Gamers that one world in the game will operate by the rules of Physics and another by the rules of Magic. This made me wonder: how are you defining "Magic"?. Is the magical world in the game the direct opposite of the physical world?
Posted by: Sergey Nartovitch (Streko-Graphics)

Re: Physics vs. Magic - 06/22/04 12:57 PM

Ok, here is the main difference. In the world of physics (Dragast) all of the riddles and puzzles are somehow governed by physics; i.e. LOGIC, where as in the magical world you will probably find the puzzles a little bit more counter-intuitive and requiring the use of intuition.