Posted by: thomasbc

Streko-Graphics - 06/22/04 01:54 PM

Has Streko-Graphics done any other adventure (or other) games, or is this your first?
Posted by: thomasbc

Re: Streko-Graphics - 06/22/04 01:56 PM

P.S. What about your next project? Will it be another adventure or are you planning something else?
Posted by: Sergey Nartovitch (Streko-Graphics)

Re: Streko-Graphics - 06/22/04 02:48 PM

This is actually our second game. Our first game was a cartoon-like adventure game that was published in Russia. As for future projects, we actually have several games, in the adventure and strategy genre, in the works right now.
Posted by: thomasbc

Re: Streko-Graphics - 06/22/04 03:02 PM

Can you give us any hints to your future projects? Titles? Plots? First-person, third-person? Release time-frames?

Anything? We fanatics love every tidbit we can get.
Posted by: Sergey Nartovitch (Streko-Graphics)

Re: Streko-Graphics - 06/22/04 03:58 PM

Ok, sure, here it goes: The strategy game that we are developing right now is going to be a mix of Master of Orion and Alpha Centaury. This game, Alpha Centaury, was developed and released along time ago. Our goal to make a similar game. We want to keep the plot more or less the same, maybe some minor changes. The setting will be more or less the same as well; you will be able to control entire solar systems which include many different planets, and cities on those planets. In order to survive you will have to make strategic alliances and eventually go to war. I don’t want to say anything more as this game is still in the contract negotiations phase.
And as for the adventure game, all that I will say is keep tuned to our site for any news.
Posted by: Custanius

Re: Streko-Graphics - 06/23/04 12:39 AM

wow!! It's good to know that a mixture of moo and ac are on the way, just LOVE space simulation games! Will this new strategy game be a turn based like Galactic Civilisation/C3 series or real time based? Thx!