Posting Questions for M. Safar

Posted by: Becky

Posting Questions for M. Safar - 10/18/04 05:26 PM

If you have more than one question for M. Safar, please post them in separate threads -- that will make responding much easier.

As M. Safar's native tongue is French and as he will be writing responses from Paris, the responses will be in both French and English.

Please understand that there will be something of a lag between the questions and the responses. As an international forum, we are all living in different time zones, and not all of us are in the same zone as Paris (though some of us may wish we were)! If you are in the US, posting a question early in the day will make it more likely that the response will posted in the same day.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Posting Questions for M. Safar - 10/18/04 05:30 PM

Although the official dates of the Cafe are October 19 and 20, because of the time difference M. Safar is likely to be posting answers through October 21. So stick around!

In any event, the Developer's Cafe will be open a few days after October 20th if you want to read and/or comment on the questions and responses, speculate about the game, or do anything else that makes the time shorter before Atlantis Evolution hits the store shelves.
Posted by: maggie57

Re: Posting Questions for M. Safar - 10/19/04 04:50 PM


I would like to know if the game is a point and a click?


Margo wave