Coffee bar

Posted by: tigger

Coffee bar - 10/19/04 12:59 AM

Just to get you all in the mood to ask loads of questions, we are serving coffee to keep you awake past your bedtime!!

Evolution Espresso - the best way to travel

Curtis' Cappucino - for those who like a little foam

Atlantis Amazement - a liqueur coffee laced liberally with amaretto and topped with double cream
Posted by: Becky

Re: Coffee bar - 10/19/04 01:21 AM

Well, I like a little foam --

but the Atlantis Amazement looks irresistible. I'll have one of those, please.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Coffee bar - 10/19/04 10:31 AM

no one else thirsty?? Maybe we need a few highballs added..

Evovulcano - tequilla slammer with a serious lime kick

Curtis' nightmare - brandy and benedictine with a long soda and lemon

Atlantis Angel - champagne, brandy, a dash of orange juice and whipped cream!!!

I need to add a creamy fondue with crispy dips... plus some nibbles, small toasted coins with either pate, creamcheese and peppers, smoked salmon, black pudding, prawns in tobasco sauce, salsa, garlic mushrooms.

eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we play wink
Posted by: popcorneater

Re: Coffee bar - 10/19/04 12:08 PM

Howdy Tig,

Glad to see you tending the bar

Can you do a mega French Vanillia Latte Wet please? Guess that would be a Curtis-less rotfl

Now, I'll drink that and browse around and see what pops into my brain for a question or two think

Ingie laugh
Posted by: MaG

Re: Coffee bar - 10/19/04 12:26 PM

Aerate me a Curtis cappuccino please, bartender!

I think I'll nibble on the coins and pate. Great setup here.

Thanks, ladies!
Posted by: Rae

Re: Coffee bar - 10/19/04 01:02 PM

Tigger....such a lovely spread! You do the GB Catering from now on!

I'm a bit "under the weather"...might I trouble you for a nice cup of tea? And a bit of brandy?

Posted by: Becky

Re: Coffee bar - 10/19/04 02:47 PM

Well, I've been making rapid inroads into the toasted coins with pate and the garlic mushrooms.

If anyone else wants any, they'd better stake a claim soon!
Posted by: Eric Safar

Re: Coffee bar - 10/19/04 03:36 PM

Atlantis Amazement - a liqueur coffee laced liberally with amaretto and topped with double cream

Helps with those late nights finishing a game!
Posted by: Melia

Re: Coffee bar - 10/19/04 09:02 PM

Mmmmmm! Smells like coffee! I'll bring the chocolate.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Coffee bar - 10/20/04 12:06 AM

Glad you are all having fun!! Rae, hope you are feeling a bit better after the tea and brandy...
Posted by: flutist

Re: Coffee bar - 10/20/04 02:31 PM

Atlantis Amazement pluuueeeeze Tig.
What have you got for Amber?
Posted by: Midge

Re: Coffee bar - 10/20/04 03:45 PM

So many choices! I haven't made up my mind yet. How much time do I have? Everything looks so good.